ESPN can predict the future

Go Yankees


You’re doing it wrong, Yankeefan

Rivera gathers dirt from the Yankee Stadium mound:

EVERYBODY wanted the best seat to watch Mo Rivera:

Anyway, yeah, not many Yankees fans at the game tonight, but they were all in our section for some reason:

Soriano, Cano, & A-Rod. See, they’re the best of friends.

A-Rod looked satanic rounding the bases

WAIT WAIT WAIT. What are the Yankees wearing!??


Fans are really excited about the Yankee Stadium “Sweet Caroline”:

Plenty of good Opening Day seats available in Yankee Stadium

Army was absolutely annihilating the Yankees at one point yesterday

Pinstripe Bowl attendance roughly the same as an average regular season Yankees game

FREIBURG supporter wearing a Yankees stocking cap.

Brian Cashman is not having a Real Good Time

Yankeefan facepalm

The Bronx is a terrible sports borough

I see Charles Darwin has decided to take in tonight’s Yankees game from choice seats behind home plate

All of the Yankeefan stereotypes

Jim Leyland takes time out of his busy managerial schedule to take in the Yankees-Twins game

Rich Yankee fans’ food of choice: Swedish FIsh

New favorite single moment of any NMA video ever

Look how tiny the pitch is!! It’s like little kid soccer-sized


Now batting for the Yankees, Spike Lee

As noted by @iracane here is Andruw Jones eating a plaintain in the dugout

Do they send out Insignificant Weather Advisories? Otherwise just call it a Weather Advisory:

YOU GUYS. Free ZUBAZ PANTS with purchase of Tigers-Yankees game ticket!!!

A little hot in New York today?

I dunno, this guy is reaching awfully far onto the field


I Misser My Swisher

You guys! It’s YANKEEDOUCHE !!!

Okay. RT @MJJohnson2 can we get another look at that Raul Ibanez doppelganger

Perhaps he’d have made the catch if a Yankee fan had not tried to interfere

The game is going on, and yet all Yankee fans want to do is take photos of Kermit the Frog.

I caught the elusive DOUBLE CROTCHGRAB

THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT. Dude who interfered with the ball is wearing a Rays cap and Yankee jersey

Indeed he is

Why is C.C. Sabathia at the Man City-Chelsea match!?!?!?

Red Yankees cap, in England, flat brim, worn crooked? I think I found the world’s biggest db

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2011 October 6 21 43 2

2011 October 6 20 32 50

2011 October 2 17 35 45

2011 October 2 17 4 25

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2011 September 26 21 8 35

2011 September 25 23 3 8

2011 September 25 22 52 0

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2011 August 25 19 2 0

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