This is an all-time great #closedcaptioningfail

What atrocities WON’T this White Sox broadcaster commit against man

Umps keep finding new ways to screw up. Here’s Matt Treanor tagging up correctly, called out on appeal

A.J. Pierzynski trying to injure people again

There is a guy wearing a Teletubbie head behind home plate in Chicago

Here you go! RT @mighty_flynn Would love to see a screen cap of Ohman’s socks. Please.

A Confederacy of Dunces in Chicago

They had to bring in the template because the White Sox didn’t line the batters box correctly

2011 June 4 21 4 30

2011 May 28 13 47 45

2011 April 26 22 5 10

2009 July 14 21 18 39

2008 October 6 19 25 50