“I ain’t an athlete, ma’am. I’m a ballplayer.”

Here’s Brookens still waving Cabrera around at this point in the play. We never see him put up a stop sign

Prince Fielder should consider trying to catch balls with his eyes open:

Tiger hipsters. Tigsters.

Snow. Grimace.

I love calling out members of the IDIOT CLUB, but at least they usually actually touch first base

The hosts of the local Giants & Tigers WS pregame shows aren’t the pretty faces you see on national TV:

The Detroit Tigers’ World Series, in one image

Man, I wish I knew what prompted this crazyface

Great moments in Dave Dombrowski

YOU GUYS. Free ZUBAZ PANTS with purchase of Tigers-Yankees game ticket!!!

Blown call costs Rays a run — this was called out

AAAAAAAAAAAAND it’s Darth Vader throwing out the first pitch

Gerald Laird joins the IDIOT CLUB *AND* a blown call makes him safe!

“FLY BALL GUYS!!” (ball flies over centerfield fence) “NEVER MIND”


They have a wormhole in the dugout in Detroit, and now the title of the TV show SLIDERS makes a lot more sense to me

Great baseball weather today in Detroit

2011 October 16 0 9 55

There is something very strange about this shot of Jim Leyland & Ken Rosenthal

2011 October 15 22 39 18

I had no idea Ernest Borgnine was still alive & had a son in major league baseball

2011 October 12 21 2 22

Brandon Inge used his curtain call to respond to McCarver saying he wouldn’t pull Ogando

2011 July 2 21 27 11

2011 June 30 14 44 0

2011 June 29 22 49 59

2011 June 27 20 35 20

2011 May 23 19 53 30

2011 May 3 21 47 55