Somehow Turner is using the Lamar logo for Louisville

Not the most useful camera angle.

I mean, sort of?

Tiny score box difference between TBS, TNT, & TruTV I hadn’t noticed until now:

FGCU is losing tonight because of an inability to score fractional points as in previous games


Hey guys look it’s CARL RIPKEN

This TBS-Bleacher Report collaboration is not off on the best foot

These Men Look Very Uncomfortable

Turner can’t even get their own SkyCam out of the way. Terrible, terrible broadcasts

We have our first #chyronfail of #marchmadness

2011 October 1 21 0 30

TBS’ fake headlines, but real (and ripped off) stories

2011 May 8 14 4 12

2010 October 12 19 48 30

2008 October 1 22 36 28.jpg