TV anchors often have laptops on the desk with them, but rarely do you see a mouse

Canadian women beg to differ

Now that I see this guy observing the shootout I don’t feel very confident


Proctor & Gamble is an official Olympic sponsor on Russian TV, too

Russia conquered diabeetus

Russian hockey team apparently has very powerful sperm

This man is wearing a fur Russian flag poncho

Every time the puck goes into this corner, at least one player hesitates briefly & looks up. It’s great.

The Russian high jumper LOST HIS UNIFORM mid-competition and has to wear a t-shirt now

You’re doing it wrong

Russian tears.

Sad Russians.

In America you take picture of thing on TV while riding in airplane: IN SOVIET RUSSIA AIRPLANE TAKE PICTURE OF YOU

2011 January 5 21 55 30

2011 January 5 21 46 30

2011 January 5 19 38 30

2010 September 6 15 40 16

2010 September 6 15 35 19

2010 February 17 1 8 54