Here’s the Rays fan in St Louis who boxed out Cards fans so Loney could make the catch. Buy this guy a beer

.@TBRaysTwins & @newspaper_man getting TV time!

Woman in a Rays jersey & Texas Rangers cap at the Chile-Spain match

Orestes and TK with the lasting image for this 2014 Rays season.

Gulfport baseball fans! You get to ride with trolls, & they give you a hat from some guy named Ray

Bringing a sign you are unlikely to use to a game as a fan of the away team is pretty marvelous

In honor of Mayor Ford this fan has a crack problem

And here’s some dickhead in a dirty white cap looking right into a live TV camera

Bay News 9 hard-hitting pregame report on our friends’ unborn child

Who can forget that famous baseball film “Bull Durmah”

Sad Sox fans

Yeah, that’s not beer. Beer does not do this:

EVERYBODY wanted the best seat to watch Mo Rivera:

No, really, they had to pry it open:

Anyway, yeah, not many Yankees fans at the game tonight, but they were all in our section for some reason:

Matt Moore THAT’S NOT MY NAME face

Truly one of the great moments in broadcast sports history

Oh, a nice shot of @RaysWhiteBoard on Sun Sports tonight

Catchers in full gear hanging out a second base, something you don’t see every day

Josh Leuke wears stupid hats, too

Ben Zobrist never, ever argues with an umpire. He’s arguing with CB Bucknor, & sure enough the call was blown:

Split-screen ump-arguing

Aww, look! It’s @jonahkeri hanging out next to @TampaBayTK

Meanwhile in the Rays dugout…

You guys! @TampaBayTK with the SWAG jacket.

Your newest entry in the Screencap Hall of Fame:



If this guy were a real Rays samurai he would have committed ritual seppuku out of shame for the team’s performance

Roberts is injured very, very badly


Rays have given away a lot of unique hats, but this is the ugliest


This is, without question, the most bizarre and amazing thing ever aired on @SunSportsRays

This is not a very effective slide

Pretty much the best moment in baseball TV history as Dewayne & BA riff: “Tonight’s game coming to you in HIGH… DEF.”

IMPORTANT: There are Rays fans in England

Blown call costs Rays a run — this was called out

If you’re not hip to the Rays’ crazy jerseys tonight, well, here you go

Luke Scott’s in Durham on a rehab stint, but wearing his Rays batting helmet:

Todd Kalas: Ladies’ Man


Here’s Red Sox fans reacting to hitting BJ Upton with a bottle. They were pretty proud

Ladies & gents, your completely normal Tampa Bay Rays postgame interview

I have no idea what is going on in the Rays dugout right now but it is TERRIFYING


Maddon told Joel Peralta to take the day off and go to the beach, so here he is complete with Donald Duck beachball

I see it’s Brian Anderson Screencap Day on @SunSportsRays

UMP BLEW IT AGAIN #humanelement

How do you blow this call? What a joke. #humanelement

There is a Luke Scott-as-Wolverine poster IN THE RAYS DUGOUT

Todd Kalas, in shirt and tie and waders.

Todd Kalas takes his Counter-Strike cosplaying very seriously

THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT. Dude who interfered with the ball is wearing a Rays cap and Yankee jersey

Convincing evidence that Fernando Rodney is, actually, a robot

Joe Maddon in USF gear, y’all

“I’m Todd McShay, inexplicably in the Tropicana Field parking lot”

2011 October 3 17 35 25

TBS’ fake headlines, but real (and ripped off) stories

2011 September 30 19 34 20