Quite the view from CBS

Raiderfan, everybody

Enraged Raiderfan

Raiderfan showed up just so he could root against the 49ers


Having a real name no longer necessary to be on TV.

Saints-Raiders is an especially monochromatic football game:

Yeah, you’re not a sports fan, Snoop Lion

The Raiders should have kicked from 15 yards further back. Missed chop block to the right:

Darrius Heyward-Bey gives the thumbs-up:

Things that are inevitable: Raiderfan flipping the Steelers the double bird

Raiderfan is not fond of Chargers fans dancing in front of him

Your first Raiderfan screencap of the season. There will be dozens

2011 October 23 15 12 3

2011 August 11 22 31 15

2008 September 9 0 52 14