Lance Romance is the NBA’s ultimate troll

Excuse me sir, you don’t belong here

Damn that food looks good

We have a JT3 sighting!


There is an old man at the Heat-Pacers game holding a flamingo

Roy Hibbert, demon of the glass

Sad Spidey

Sweater guy knows what’s up.

Yeah, confirmed the clock started when the free throw hit the rim:

The agony of defeat.


Pacers PBP man Chris Denari keeps a VERY detailed scorecard

Power outage in Indianapolis!

Yes, this is Stan Van Gundy protecting his team from the vicious fists of one Tyler Hansbrough

When we eat the rich, let’s start with these jerks who walk back to their courtside seat while the ball is in play

No goggles for Hansbrough :-(

2011 April 21 21 6 30

2011 April 16 15 34 22