ole miss


Also, not a touchdown:

ole miss fan!

Another sad Ole Miss fan

ole miss fan face

Dr. Bo has questionable bedside manner

“Bo Wallace has bad gas”

“Mississippi queens.” ESPN actually thinks this is OK

“I’d rather go to HELL than OLE PISS”

Your first sign of the day is “BO <3 FAT CHIKS"

We need more signs like this: “Go to hell Ole Miss”

Ole Miss beats Alabama, rushes the field

“Alabama is the reason the tooth fairy went broke”

“Katherine Webb = Ole Miss 6”

Ya boy @nick_pants getting some #gameday time


“Nick Saban doesn’t silence his phone during movies”

“Please don’t poison our trees”

“Kristen Saban is an Ole Miss 5”

One is the loneliest number

I think this Ole Miss frat bro might be the next to vomit

Andy Kennedy reacts to seeing Marshall Henderson’s Twitter account for the first time:


Giant heads are played out. Giant red Solo cups, though, I am down with

Lights still out in Oxford, going on 15 minutes now:

It seems there’s an alternate Ole Miss ESPNU logo, not the normal one, and it was just shown on ESPNU

Ole Miss fans have the sadz :-(

Ole Miss frat bros must have spotted an Auburn fan because the birds made a quick appearance

The sad frat, frat sad

Mike Marry has exquisite facial hair.

2011 October 22 12 54 23

Why do Ole Miss students consistently have such terrible haircuts?

2011 September 24 14 22 43

2011 September 24 12 39 42

2011 September 15 21 13 13

2011 September 15 20 40 41

2011 May 7 17 28 7







2010 November 20 15 36 42

2010 September 18 14 45 10

2010 March 30 8 59 0

2008 September 27 16 0 54

2008 September 27 13 37 42