oklahoma state

“OSU: The only decent Cowboys in Jerryworld”

Probably an ill-advised pun?

What does the Fox say

David Koresh was a BU fan

“This sign has more facts than Sports Illustrated”

Jameis Winston You Are The Father?

Apparently Lisa Ann has a lot of holes?

Incongnito For Pledge Trainer

Guess ESPN didn’t notice the homophobia or hairy balls

Don’t let the Affleck-Batman sign distract you from the hashtag sign way in the back


Please seek medical help

“Lavey I Want Your Baby”

“Man Scale: Griner > Thayer Evans”

omg Mike Gundy

Oh ho ho ho ho.

Please, Fox, it’s way too early for this sort of thing.

“OSU recruit me”

Where’s your car phone, preppie


A unique and artistic angle of an Oklahoma State double bird.

Why, yes, I do happen to be overly interested in Mike Gundy’s pores

Smile, Mike! Your team set a new school record!

I believe the time has come for me to bring you Mike Gundyface

Oklahoma State beats Missouri, storms the court

I can’t vote in this primary. I’m a registered Defensian

Note that the Erin Andrews item has been checked off #scandal

Oh Oklahoma State, can’t you even make an attempt to smash some stereotypes?

Texas Tech fans are exhibiting Stockholm Syndrome

2011 October 29 17 53 24

See? OK State got the Gumby/Pokey right

2011 October 29 17 44 37

Cowgirl kitten

2011 October 29 16 7 15

Hey, T.Boone Pickens is in the house tonight!

2011 October 22 13 37 16

Cool coverage OK State

2011 September 24 18 19 28

2011 September 3 19 15 15

2011 June 1 15 45 40

2011 March 1 19 53 0






2009 March 22 3 15 9