Scripps Hall on CBS ! ! !

CMU-Ohio game hasn’t even kicked off yet & the broadcast has already featured Burrito Buggy:

Frank Solich & Jim Christian repping the Bobcats at today’s Tribe game:

What a sight to see in the Convocation Center:

Attn @robcwv

This is a backcourt violation, yes? (It wasn’t called.)

Matt Lauerhead!

Clark Kellogg is not impressed

Oklahoma quadruple-teaming D.J. Cooper

Ohio freshmen just haven’t been the same since they closed down The Greenery.

Hell yeah, Ohio University Printing Services !!!

Athens, Ohio is home to wonderful and unique individuals

Brutal missed holding call on that Penn State third down play

Wow, the lower third actually says “Ohio Bobcats” underneath this d-bag’s face

Pretty much the best moment in baseball TV history as Dewayne & BA riff: “Tonight’s game coming to you in HIGH… DEF.”

DANGER…DANGER John Groce is making Groceface.

Going back to get the Ohio crowd celebrating after the buzzer

This is Ohio University president Rod McDavis. I think he’s a bit excited

“Hey dad, what are you going to wear to the NCAA tournament game?” “An ill-fitting LeBron shirt, of course.”

“I’m calling time out AS HARD AS I CAN.”

Serbians: Big fans of the media timeout yayo

Ohio is beating Buffalo because we keep hitting shots like this:

I think they cut our numbers out of old motherboards. Check that crazy pattern!

Ohio wearing black uniforms for tonight’s game

Tim Hardaway is at the Ohio-Ball State game and is wearing a ridiculous sweater

Clark Kellogg at the Ohio-Akron game to watch his son in action

DA U fan wants you to see his old Nebraska Sports Illustrated

Clearly a Bobcat fan proud of our 9-3 record & MAC East championship


Matte black helmets strike again

I think the director of this broadcast has a favorite Ohio student, she’s shown up at least 3 times

Ohio football has been known to put people to sleep, especially [person I know]’s wife

Ohio scored a rouge.

Things that are pretty

Misleading sign. The Cats party every night.

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Yes, this is going under “weird faces”

You’ll have to take my word for it this seeing the entire east stands full of people in black is an awesome sight.

By /r/ here’s the full Ohio blackout uniform


Your glimpse at the first time Ohio has ever worn black helmets:

2011 October 22 16 45 33

Inb4 jokes about what Frank Solich could use that quarter for

2011 October 15 17 24 20

uh… is this Bobcat fan wearing a hat? or is this his hair?

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2011 March 18 23 56 15





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