notre dame

Sad Notre Dame fans

The Bra has nipples


Notre Dame fan with the rape joke sign is a woman:

Rape jokes.

Jesus. ESPN letting any and all signs in today

“Lou Holtz spit on me”

ESPN doesn’t consider the Big Ten to be a Power Five conference

Tough to see here thanks to some crappy NBC PQ, but USC player flipping the bird to a Notre Dame fan:

Brian Kelly facepalm!

Wow. A Lizzy Seeberg sign

“If God can’t help Tim Tebow then Tommy Rees is in trouble”

“Catfishing For Leprechauns: A 30 for 30 Film”

Oh goodness.

Oh man

“Lennay dumped Te’o for Gardner”

List of things on this Missing sign: Everett Golson, Te’o’s girlfriend, a conference

“Rudy was offsides”

“Play like your girlfriend’s real today”

“Notre Dame was my safety school”… “Golson plagiarized my other sign”

The American flag is not to be used for CLEANING YOUR GLASSES

This is not why they invented HDTV

Boob in Bra flips bird

Manti Te’o Points At Thing

Weird faces


Sad Domers! More facepalm!


“ND 4 Bear 0”

“Notre Dame congrats on 12-1”

Notre Dame wearing their practice shirts tonight, I guess

Notre Dame fan celebrates the win by lighting up in the L.A. Coliseum

I think ESPN meant to show the Notre Dame Basilica (on campus at Notre Dame). This is the Notre Dame Cathedral in.. Paris

Almost positive I had this Notre Dame jacket when I was 8

This Notre Dame fan is just inviting himself an ass-kicking

There is, strangely, a Xavier over ND NCAA Tournament sign at #gameday

The Alabama Leprechaun has made an appearance

Sigh. #yolo

“9 out of 10 ND fans can’t find South Bend on a map”

“Manti4Heisman–he WON’T have to give it back”

“Notre Dame owes us”

The refs botched spotting the ball on Notre Dame’s touchdown play:

Oklahoma called a weird defense on that play, called “let two DBs get blocked by the same guy”

“I DD for Tommy Rees”


Notre Dame is *probably* going to lose.

“Brian Kelly Buys Lou Holtz Depends”

We’re not cops/Rees can’t beat us

Manti Te’o Plays Farmville #gameday

So, yeah, there was a #Gameday sign of Tyler Eifert double-teaming a Stanford cheerleader

NUNS > NUNES is one of my favorite signs ever

Notre Dame stinks

S83S O9

Students at College Gameday are now sporting the same signs you see from bums by freeway exits

Lots going on here. “Stanford was my backup school,” Mark May is ugly, Honey Boo Boo has more class than Tiger Woods

Dumb & Dumber, starring Mark May & Rick Reilly

Not sure if irrelevant

“Even Smokey The Bear Hates Your Tree”

“Rick Reilly Hates Puppies & Santa”

I sincerely hope whoever brought the “NOTRE DAME IS COOL” sign is, like, eight years old

“Everett Slays Pussy Nightly”


ATTN: buttchugging reference!

KONY 2012, how very Notre Dame of this guy to be behind the times

“SEC, this is what a library looks like”:



There is a man in a GLEE cheerleading outfit at ND-Navy

Notre Damebro checks his breath

The most horrifying screencap I have ever taken:

“Tomorrow on ESPN: 1 minute of ND over Syracuse, 59 minutes of TEBOW”

Notre Dame beats Syracuse, storms the court

Mike Breyface

Facepalm alert

BK ain’t even mad

Did someone say Brian Kelly face?

2011 October 29 16 27 11

Brian Kelly is going through his valley girl phase

2011 October 22 22 41 31

Brian Kelly’s jaw unhinges like a snake when he really needs to scream at someone

2011 October 22 19 57 21

Brian Kelly is :-(-ing as hard as he can

2011 October 22 19 38 14

Meanwhile, here’s what Notre Dame’s new helmet looks like on TV

2011 September 24 14 53 46

2011 September 24 13 37 5

2011 September 24 12 51 53

2011 September 17 16 51 10

2011 September 10 23 31 15

2011 September 3 21 22 48

2011 September 3 19 30 53

2011 September 3 17 47 7

2011 September 3 16 30 46

2011 September 3 15 46 10

2011 March 28 20 1 40

2011 March 20 22 12 0

2011 March 18 15 12 0

2011 March 18 15 4 30



El Guapo has now locked up innocent Sun Bowl fans two straight years

2008 November 22 4 47 20

2008 May 3 16 18 24