You gotta wear a scarf in a domed stadium in early September?

By doing Google DNS lookups?

But srsly how is this considered an acceptable hairstyle for a man regardless of his sexuality etc

>soccer games

I don’t think this was necessary, NBC

That’s a helpful camera angle


Meanwhile on NBC..

Chris Hansen looks a little rough these days, guys

This is what is on NBC right now. NBC News uses Windows 98.

Well, this is weird (it displayed for about 1/5 of a second on NBC)

2% of voters nationwide are DUMB AS HELL

Tom Brokaw’s glasses make him look like your friend’s mean grandpa

Somehow I’ve never seen this LEGO Rockefeller Center before. Is this new?

Oh NBC10, I don’t think this is a real name

For whatever reason, NBC has the Texans’ logo backward on the down & distance gfx

According to @levnaginsky this should read Amherst NY, not Pittsburgh #chyronfail?

This must be one of those wacky “demonstration sports.”

NBC just aired this spot ID card for Budweiser for nearly two minutes across the entire east coast feed:

NBC seems a bit confused as to what “Today” means

Comparison of the video quality of BBC’s live feed and NBC’s on the 100 fly broadcast:


.@NBC, this is what we are seeing when we try to view your online Olympic feeds:

Jacksonville NBC affiliate subverting its own network, spoils Lochte result onscreen:

As noted by @RL_Bynum we have a #chyronfail in the spelling of our first Olympic venue:

To quote @WillC_45 “Tom Hammond looks like a ghost”

What’s a “TENNAGER”?

That is not Jordan Nolan

Hey, uh, vaginas pretty much work the same regardless of mammalian species. No need to be shocked, lady.

I am missing something called PEARLIE? OH NOES


Using a blimp to chase Tiger. I can only assume Peyton Manning is his passenger

Dunno who this guy on NBC Sports is, but as @95Sports noted he doesn’t know how to hold a mic

Not even @darrenrovell is immune to the #chyronfail

The Washington Capitals are not playing in this game?

“WHY AM I HERE? The game is inside a dome.”

Johansen was so bad he not only got kicked off his All-Star team but he got traded to the Islanders

Meanwhile in Detroit they’re watching a VERY old NFL playoff game #chyronfail


This is perhaps the greatest screencap ever, starring @edsbs & @ClayTravisBGID “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly”

WOW, does NBC have some serious white balance issues

Forcast! For you! For America! 4-H!

This is the annoying crawl on WJAR-Providence that @fangsbites is talking about

2011 June 4 22 0 50

2009 November 29 22 54 19

2008 December 21 9 58 9

2008 December 21 8 23 12


2008 September 1 22 58 43