In what must be a new soccer record, BOTH teams in the MLS match have scored in the FIRST EIGHT SECONDS

Would help if they at least had the score right.


That’s a pretty bold claim, NBC Sports Net

Apparently Claude Monet is directing today’s Cardiff-Southampton broadcast

NBC Sports Network is currently broadcasting rich white dudes killing elephants. I have no idea why.

Can someone please explain to me the purpose of these bizarre microphones

NBC’s Premiership overflow channels are live. Here’s what they’re currently airing:

Not an accident, a function of replay rights to something aired on NBC:

This is very weird and horribly done, NBC.

Hey guys look it’s @mattufford

Something doesn’t add up here…

What is it with soccer commentators and ridiculous mustaches!? First Lalas last night and now Keller…

So what do we think of #thelights? I think it’s visually stunning, makes SportsCenter look very dated:

Torn on this one. On its face, this is a #chyronfail because Cardiff is not in England. But in a soccer league sense, it’s accurate

Dunno who this guy on NBC Sports is, but as @95Sports noted he doesn’t know how to hold a mic