This child was conceived in the top of the 2nd inning

The saddest fan.

Drunk guy, bearded cowboy guy, angry guy #Natitude

Can’t decide what I like most about this: Trolling Cardsfan, angry Stella drinker, spaced-out woman, doofus Cardsfan?

Nats fans are huggers.

Look who’s guest-starring on the next season of The Walking Dead!!!

Ladies & gents, here are two teams who get throwback jerseys right

Your Independence Day Nationals unis:

Yet again, @amandarykoff got herself on television today

The face of pain.


IDIOTS everywhere! Now it’s Danny Espinosa joining the club

Apparently the Nationals Presidents do this for the Islanders game every Presidents Day

2011 July 3 15 57 8

2011 June 21 21 14 0

2011 April 6 22 9 5

2011 March 31 14 49 36