“Tim Tebow uses Christian Mingle”

“Tebow went to journalism school at Mizzou”

“It’s Cold Here” #theysupposedtobeSEC

In Missouri they call this poetry


Gary Pinkel Types In Comic Sans

Sad Missouri fans.

Sad Missouri fan

MMM, mustard

Mizzou O-Line graphic looks like one of those “faces of meth” campaigns

Missouri fans in agony

Sad Missouri fans, part two

Sad Missouri fans

Lighten up, Missouri fan, YOU’RE STILL WINNING.

I think that should be Missouri ball:

.@Englishscope24 is NOT HAPPY

This guy IS Bill Hader’s reporter character Herb Welch, except wearing a Missouri lanyard

Mizzou haz t3h sad kittehs :-(


Frank Haith: not so sure about Craig Sager’s bracket tie

Don’t tell Frank Haith he can’t wear his leftover Cuban shirts in Missouri

Those BCS conference schools just fill up a stadium

I have no idea how the “Bud Light Braggin’ Rights” game does not involve Bob Huggins

2011 October 22 13 37 16

2011 October 22 12 16 45

2011 October 22 12 7 10

2011 September 24 22 20 40

2011 September 10 1 4 45

2011 September 3 13 8 25

2011 March 5 13 56 0