at first glance this looks really scandalous

Poor mascot hasn’t seen the final score yet


When did The Mountaineer turn into such a choad?

Tennessee has the best live mascot in all of sports. Fight me

Big Red is currently moderating an eating competition

soccer is weird


Add this to the collection of horrifying old-timey college football mascots

Breaking every rule of proper mascot behavior

Never not a horrifying mascot



Auburn wins championship

Jaxson DeVille sighting at the Fulham match:

I.. have no idea what is going on here.

“Which a-hole invited the guy from San Jose!?”

Looks like Albert is suffering wardrobe issues. That head does not match the body


What in Sam Hill is going on here

Oh Sebastian, you nut.

Herbie wants nothing to do with this

There is a horrifying mascot in attendance for Fed-Murray:

Big 12 mascot scandal? They seem to be avoiding the camera.

This is Gainer the Gopher, one of top-level professional sports’ most disturbing mascots

Oh no! Somebody beat up Albert!!!

Sparty is LEGITIMATELY CONCERNED about that basketball

Stare into the eyes of IMMA GRIP N SIP.

2010 May 18 14 29 47

2010 April 26 19 47 16

2009 December 4 21 34 21