Poor Don. Rich Don.

The ascent of Stan.



So this actually happened.

Arrest this man immediately

This smirk is just outstanding

(And yes Don Draper did eventually put the Mets pennant up on his wall)

Mets pennant.

Roger Sterling, everybody

Something I’m sure @sepinwall noticed.. our closing shot of Peggy, compared with the opening shot of the series premiere:

“lost at sea” telegram:

The Don Draper, in repose with tumbler on chest

Bob Benson realtalk

And a screencap of Pete toking on the couch for good measure.


Pete Campbellface

Bob Benson’s shorts tho

Peggy Olson, as reality sets in:

I think Stan spent time in the supply closet before this meeting:


This is one of the best frames I’ve seen on #madmen in years

(The context for previous tweet:

Roger Sterling struggleface

Important Stan screencaps

Pete’s sideburns are truly regrettable


Getting caught up on #madmen because I had no power on Sunday. Here is Peggy Lobsterface


I love love love love love Peggy’s jumper

So Roger Sterling lives at 66th & Madison

This was an actual frame of a commercial TV show, and it is fantastic #madmen

Because Pete Campbell jealousyface #madmen

Pete is awfully excited about her hangover #madmen

Don Draper’s jacket is the reason it took so long to invent HD

Regardless, Lane Pryce celebrating England’s victory is worth a screencap

Don Draper strangleface #madmen

When a redhead’s finger is pointing at you… #madmen

OMG she’s got a knife

Joan death stare.

Because everything Peggy #madmen

I don’t care what @penlovespaper says, I think Peggy’s dress is adorable

Don Draper does Don Draper things #madmen

Oh, this glance is just priceless #madmen

Many of you are watching something other than #MadMen & thus missed naked Betty. So here you go

Your moment of Peggy levity #madmen

“She looks like fat Britney Spears” #madmen

Whereas everything in Roger’s office is F#$#&*($^# AMAZING

Everything about Betty Draper here is terrible

The evil eye, Olson style #madmen

As always, Peggy looks amazing #madmen

Joanie’s been dipping into the Mommy’s Little Helpers I see

Or this. Definitely this

srs pete cambell is srs

Don Draper is very surprised #madmen

Crazy Pete #madmen

Your first in the series of people’s future Don Draper avatars

You waited a long time for a glimpse of Joan. So, uh, here’s our first glimpse