This will end well

Weather Channel host has tab open on his browser called “Poon”

Aerial shot of Atlantic City carnage:

The boats in Ocean City harbor caught fire last night

Idiot tries to drive under downed line

I want to know who declared “the governor must have a personalized fleece”

And now for the weather, we go to our meteorologist reporting from INSIDE YOUR iPHONE

Here is a woman (very much alive) being evacuated in a coffin

Here’s a shot from the NYU hospital evaculation:

While hospitals burn in NYC, Connecticut TV reports on WHICH PUMPKIN PATCHES ARE CLOSED.

This guy has been standing in the middle of this AC street for 10 hours. He must be tired.

That’s totally gonna mess up the MetroCard machine

Please tell me this was accompanied by a large black man in a tub yelling NO NO NO NO NO NOOO