Sad Georgia fans.


Hard to tell which side of the stadium was Georgia fans

Mark Richt what are you doing

Use to be a Gurley Girl / Now I’m a Chubby girl

And there’s your first Gurley sign.

Butch Jones Leaves The Lid Up

And there’s your margin of victory:


“Sure, nobody will notice me doing this very illegal thing”


Georgia fans.

WHOAA! ESPN censors fail again

Wait, no, this is your winner.

David Pollack is prettier than any LSU girl

I’m on TV/I’m on TV too

Les Miles, Kiss My Grass

“Billy Ray should’ve pulled out”

There is an LSU corn dog.

“LSU can have our SL8PPY SECONDS”

Low Standards University

Georgia fans with a face usually inspired by one Nick Saban

Stay consistently weird, Georgia fans


“I set my DVR to record ‘The Biggest Loser’ but it keeps recording Clemson games”

That’s one brave Georgia fan.

Murray had 0.15 seconds to prepare for the hit. Here is his face in that 0.15 seconds

“Bama poisoned my other sign”

Go Dwags

Also I think this Georgia fan must be related to @CaptainAnnoying

“Please don’t poison our trees”

There’s a sign back there that reads “Sarah McLachlan Can’t Save These Dawgs” #gameday

“Aaron Murray takes it between the hedges”

Ah, the old “DVR’ed COPS but it recorded Georgia football instead” sign

“UGA likes Sarcastaball”

Honey Bobo #gameday

Georgia facepalms everywhere

Randy Orton is now a Chippendale Georgia fan

Roaring with laughter at this fullscreen

Yes, Georgia got away with a block in the back on that punt return

GO DWAGS! (To Hell With Goergia)

Aaron Murray, grow a pair

To demonstrate: The player scored on a layup. This is where the ball last touched the floor

I guess it’ll take a few more Eric LeGrands until dumbass football players stop doing this


Georgia strikes you with TERROR

2011 October 29 19 20 59

2011 October 29 19 14 35

2011 October 29 18 7 33

2011 October 29 16 3 5

2011 October 15 22 47 20

2011 October 8 21 50 21

2011 October 1 12 9 22

2011 September 10 20 17 30

2011 September 10 20 7 6

2011 September 10 18 4 10

2011 September 3 23 29 0


2011 September 3 22 50 15

2011 September 3 22 41 12