Spotting the team 23 runs before the game starts—bold!

Once again confused why Kelly Nash is allowed to have a surname but Jordana & Annilie are not

1080i50 to 720p60 not working out so well for Fox right now

Kinda weird these guys are celebrating in a handshake line in the top of the 9th

Tonight in Ridiculous DirecTV Blackouts

This is not only a BAD definition of Replacement Player, it’s a WRONG definition of Replacement Player

Here’s a proper screencap of the #chyronfail @darrenrovell just tweeted out

Who are the Chicago Mariners? #chyronfail ht @thesportsgeeks

Is Fox Sports Florida suggesting Stan Van Gundy is drunk?

Atlanta has discovered cloning #chyronfail ht @keiteay

2011 October 22 16 1 53

2011 September 17 21 12 15

2011 August 18 20 7 50

2011 March 5 23 0 45

2010 September 12 0 25 28