That’s our pal @melissalyttle’s photo on Fox News just now:

They let this man interview the president.

Why did Fox News put “woman” in scare quotes? Do they not believe women exist?

I had no idea Dr. Lou saw patients outside his licensed field

Skype does not use the Internet, according to Fox News:

I’m fond of this Fox News fullscreen.

Seriously, how does this happen? Doesn’t “Fox Confirms” mean you actually know it to be true?

Fox is really not enjoying this

Every single network is showing Obama supporters celebrating except Fox News, which is showing… THIS

Robert Gibbs on Fox News=WHY SO SERIOUS

Holy crap, Sarah Palin’s hair. She looks like a Moore-era Bond girl

Fox News apparently hired a fifth grader to draw its map of the United States:

Somehow Fox forgot Hoover, Taft, B.Harrison, Cleveland, Van Buren, & both Adamses

This is your major breaking story on Fox News atm:

I spent four months riding buses in Jacksonville, it’s not gonna end well for this guy

Here’s a proper screencap of “Fox News does not know where Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina are”

How good is Matt Cain? He’s even an AMERICAN LEAGUE leader despite pitching in the NL


Fox News hired the guy who wrote the dialogue for the old NES Metal Gear game #grammarfail #chyronfail

Here’s a screencap from Fox News four years ago. Very similar!