florida state


Publix: Where shoplifting is a pleasure

If Jameis skips leg day, does he starve?

Jameis Winston’s Lawyer For Heisman


dat face

Spelling is not Florida State’s strong suit

“Doak is so big Sam Ponder came twice”

I farted


Notre Dame fan with the rape joke sign is a woman:


“Local cops covered up my other sign”

Rape jokes.

Jesus. ESPN letting any and all signs in today

“Jeff Driskel paid ME for his autograph”

Also, “Extreme Seminoles Prejudice Network”

kristEn Saban Please sit oN my face

“Lou Holtz spit on me”


Jameis Winston is not impressed

Elite Athlete Looks Like Dork

Soda: “Free.” Crab Legs: “Free.”


FSU domestic violence jokes.




“Right in the end zone.”

Paul Finebaum, the 60 Year Old Virgin


Every Seminole Plays Naked

Finebaum is a dork

Clemson likes global warming

FSU fan successfully spells “hemorrhoids”

Seminoles fans.

ESPN not up to date on FSU’s logo


Hail Jameis for provoking our first Publix reference on College GameDay

Probably an ill-advised pun?

Come And Take It

Here is a shot of @penlovespaper 17 years ago, covering the Sugar Bowl for the Independent Florida Alligator

Oh, this really is just a bad day for TV news of all kinds.

Auburn had a blocking advantage on the final play of the game. Runner foolishly cut back toward the defenders


Jimboface, & John Saunders stinkeye

Meanwhile on Campus Connection, a young woman is getting spanked


Always-helpful Lee Corso points out where the runner went out of bounds

The faces of rape culture:

Observe all the shiny happy people discussing a woman who says she was raped

None of U have a degree

Florida Smells Unusual

whitE girlS worshiP winstoN

Nevin Shapiro Wants A Refund

I’m more drunk than the Sunshine Scooter

“Lennay Kekua is a Canes fan” ??

Choke On A Doak

The Real Miami Is In Ohio (!!!)

All Golden Helmets > Al Golden Ties

So much to unpack here. Golden is a sweaty frat pledge, Tebow prays to Jameis? And a Miami Heat sign.

CrimiNoles vs Thugs

Corso wore his Bad Idea Jeans to work today

Aw, Clemson actually made a funny sign!

Also the always solid “Jameis Winston Likes The Dentist.”

Stunned Seminole

Rejoice in glorious shocked FSU fans

FSU **butthurt alert**

Jimbo sadface

Masked bro looks identical to every Florida State fan I have ever known

WOW did a lot of you want a screencap of this guy’s hair

Dunno what Red Sox fan little kid is doing there, but he doesn’t look happy

I actually have no trouble believing Dabo listens to One Direction, & that he finds it inspiring

Note the “TIger Woods’ Morals > Clemson Tigers” used to read “Tiger Wood’s”

Tom Rinaldi, tugging at your heartstrings while a crudely-painted DADGUM sign rises behind him

“Better love story than Urban & TeBLOW”

Here’s the “Not sure if serious or just Clemson football” @edsbs referrred to earlier

Spelling: not a strong suit of FSU students

ESPN had a #chyronfail for the ages tonight. THAT IS NOT THE SWAMP.

The Sadness.

So, yeah, St. Bonaventure got screwed. BAD.

FSU fans will LOVE this ESPN2 #chyronfail

I’m sure Seminole fan has no problem with this

Florida State beats UNC, storms the court

2011 October 29 12 37 4

Florida State wat

2011 October 22 17 1 52

How is FSU allowed to have this distracting video playing directly behind the goalposts during an FG attempt??

2011 October 22 16 0 0

Evidence FSU fans are bandwagoners

2011 September 24 19 9 22

2011 September 17 22 58 49

2011 September 17 22 52 5

2011 September 17 20 49 24

2011 September 17 10 5 15

2011 September 3 16 39 13

2011 March 25 22 20 0

2011 March 20 23 32 20

2011 March 2 18 38 55



2008 November 29 16 44 26

2008 November 15 8 2 31