This is what ESPN3 covering video games looks like

Somebody let Helio know ESPN is reporting his car is not on the track

Rare to ever see anything new in terms of ESPN3 title cards, but here you go

Big East baseball isn’t the most thrilling, ESPN, but I think this is a bit over the top

I appreciate them letting me know this Ali-Foreman fight isn’t being broadcast live. Also #chyronfail

GUYS. The World Fooseball Championship is currently airing on ESPN3:

Also, has anyone ever heard of the “12% rule” ??

The clock in Kent-WMU has been redacted for national security reasons

Make fun of the Idaho-produced broadcast all you want, their graphics are better than the Buffalo-UConn game:

Unpleasant discoveries

WatchESPN running a GoalLine/BuzzerBeater-style channel called “Bases Loaded” during NCAA tournament:

For those curious what the announcing team for an Ultimate broadcast on ESPN looks like:

ESPN on Xbox is now brought to you by Geico:

They’re using hockey pucks as paperweights AT A SOCCER MATCH

Mustache, bow tie, and sweater vested broadcaster alert

ESPN misspelled broadcasting legend Max Falkenstien’s name :-(

Looks like ESPN3 is YOUR HOME for World Cup qualifiers:

Those of you on the East Coast, be warned: “Jeremys test event” is blacked out for you on ESPN3

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