Questions you didn’t know anybody wanted the answer to:

Who is Jim “LarraƱaga”?

Bummer for UConn being ineligible, since they’re ranked third

Holly Rowe in her leathers, eschewed air travel to arrive in Columbia on the back of a Softail

Oh God, Lunardi is dressed up too


ESPN’s ND-Syracuse cameras drunk?

I’m sure Georgia Tech is proud of their “improvedments”

ESPN #chyronfail. See official clock in this shot:

Proof Super Bowl coverage is ridiculous

Side benefit of the ESPN take on an unsuspecting Schlereth is this grimace:

Hope nobody watching this for the first time was looking at the ESPN2 Bottom Line:

Something isn’t right here…

What’s the NFL’s “Romney Rule”?

Enough with the Te’o jokes, Marquette.

Oh man, this is amazing. Aussie Open viewing will never be the same (did they have this in HD last year?)

Pretty amazing that they played this game ten years before it happened

Final Score: WVU 50, Texas 50

What’s a “Tatoo”?

Looks like ESPN needs some new SOURCES

Second night in a row ESPN has inexplicably run a graphic for an already-played bowl game

I think ESPN’s a bit confused as to which teams are playing this year:

Rose Bowl broadcast on Deportes is kind of interesting. No graphics.


Odd for ESPN to put @OutbackBowl instead of @SSpakeESPN’s actual twitter name:

One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong

This is an amazing #chyronfail. ESPN refers to ULM by the name they last used seven years ago

Ryan Lindley is so bad ESPN renamed him “Mark”

Sounds Lynn Hoppes-related

That’s a huge lead! It’s the “LARGERST” lead!

Adrian Peterson, YOU’VE CHANGED MAN

Looking forward to that “Kanas” State bowl game

I think ESPN meant to show the Notre Dame Basilica (on campus at Notre Dame). This is the Notre Dame Cathedral in.. Paris

Wait, who are the Packers playing?

“Here are two bald men.”

Poor Wake Forest! They had to play both Alabama AND Notre Dame yesterday!

Oh man. Here’s @KNegandhiESPN with Andrew Bynum’s haircut

You gotta figure Vinny Del Negro being in charge of two teams at the same time had to break an NBA rule or two:

I guess the SEC kicked aTm out again?

ESPN’s Tebow edict apparently applies to Deportes, too:

Speaking of graphics, ESPN ditched the gradient numerals from its score box we all complained about last week:

Top to bottom: 3 March 2012, 9 November 2012, 13 November 2012

ESPN does segment called “Roethlisberger Dink & Dunk.” Sidebar reads “Roethlisberger DRINK & DRUNK”:

Dammit, ESPN.

ESPN’s college basketball score box, last season compared to this season

I don’t think this is Brendan Gibbons

ESPN’s bottom line is broken

And yes, ESPN jumped the gun on the ALCS and had a bit of #chyronfail

Dammit ESPN. #chyronfail

And here’s Buster Olney to tell you about tonight’s A’s-Yankees game


The ESPN3D score box is maybe my favorite on any network. Minimalistic, beautiful, but still supplying vitals


I didn’t realize the Ohio-Penn State game was broadcast in 3D. I don’t have a 3D tv, unfortunately:

What is John Clayton wearing!?

Hey ESPN, where is “Milwaulke”??

ESPN had a #chyronfail for the ages tonight. THAT IS NOT THE SWAMP.

Got ’em backward, boys

I think the SportsCenter set is having legitimate chyron machine problems. I mean look at this:

Oh man, ESPN is gonna be mad when they realize Nebraska is playing Arkansas STATE

ESPN confuses Georgia the country with Georgia the state


Add this to your gallery of Holly Rowe holding objects

ESPN really struggling with the math today. 66 completions on 45 attempts!

Apparently AIr Force is carpet-bombing Michigan

Apparently Oklahoma State is only paying Sav State $38,500 #chyronfail

Adam Schefter… you’ve changed

The lower third reads “trashed on Twitter” but it is unfortunately not a story about #drunjtweets

This is a next-level #chyronfail. Misspelling Cincinnati in a PROMO. Not a live graphic, A PROMO! On ESPN!

I was HOPING my favorite Nebraska player FIRSTNAME LASTNAME would get into the game!

ESPN Classic does not broadcast in HD, but for a brief moment on WatchESPN they did

Those of you on the East Coast, be warned: “Jeremys test event” is blacked out for you on ESPN3

Not the most flattering Hope Solo angle.

ESPN has used four different NFL score chyrons in the past 12 months

12 September 2011 19 September 2011 9 August 2012 13 August 2012

ESPN changed the size of its score box AGAIN. Thursday on the left, tonight on the right:

This year’s ESPN score box is MAMMOTH

Weird-ass #chyronfail on ESPN

Very weird:

Jesse Palmer coming to you live from his Romance Dungeon

RT @tycowman ESPN also keeps leaving out the 10 lost scholarships in there “bullet point” visual. #chyronfail

ESPN even has the Penn State sanctions presser scheduled into ESPN3:

2012 July 19 11 39 45

Mike Slive, always a good screencap

Hey, it’s @TravHaneyESPN!

Somebody added an extra L to @GreggDoyelCBS’ name

Nice to see @CassidyHubbarth with an update break on ESPNNEWS. She should have a bigger presence across the networks

BREAKING: ESPN has declared the Miami Heat championship “null”

Why is ESPN giving Ian & Macca the Barbara Walters soft focus?

BREAKING: Germany gives goal to Greece upon news of increased austerity measures

An elated Mike Breen & depressed Jeff Van Gundy, surrounded by confetti:

Kyle Peterson does his best impression of every Kent fan’s face right now

Thunder win, take 2-0 NBA FInals lead

The Suns made the playoffs!

“Consecutibe”? #chyronfail


ESPN gave us a really trippy #chyronfail earlier

Barry Melrose demands respect from everyone he works with. If he doesn’t get it, well…

“Fanis” protest “outise” press conference #chyronfail #chyronfail

ESPN currently has $78 worth of hot dogs in the booth. I hope they paid for them:

YOU GUYS. Victor Cruz has been playing college basketball ALL SEASON and nobody noticed #chyronfail

ESPN’s chyron literally failed just now

Yup, these ESPN bracket experts still think BYU’s in the Mountain West

How are you supposed to check spelling when you’ve been blinded by the uniforms? #chyronfail

FSU fans will LOVE this ESPN2 #chyronfail


100 points in a game? Big deal, Tyshawn Taylor is AVERAGING 184.4 POINTS PER GAME

Mike Breen! You look different! #chyronfail

100-point game? Psh. Somebody in Murray State’s frontcourt is going for a 1000-POINT GAME #chyronfail

How’s that “Okalhoma” team doing? ht @RichieWhitt

I’ll put video up tomorrow morning. In the meantime, here’s a “D. JOHNSON-DOOM” #chyronfail

Wait, is this for real? SportsNation fans are trying to Occupy @dpshow? There are two dudes with signs:

Amidst all the GIFing I missed a rather unfortunate (given ESPN’s recent woes) #chyronfail

“EPSN NEWS”? What channel is that? #chyronfail ht @devyanks90

This #chyronfail is every Big Ten fan’s worst nightmare

Yet again ESPN has misspelled the name of their title sponsor


Something is not right here. I can’t quite put my finger on.. HEY! He doesn’t work there anymore!

I’m sure Seminole fan has no problem with this


ESPN WANTS TO KNOW: Does “parody” contribute to upsets?