Time for your semi-annual @jonahkeri screencap.

Weather Alert?


I guess the NCAA tournament started already


SportsCenter rundown was hard to read already. Overnight tried out new frontiers in illegibility

That didn’t take long.

Is Dakich drunk

Lalas mustache status:

That’s an impressive #chyronfail

So close.

Sal looks super happy

Tonight on Outside The Lines, it’s sports betting talk with people wearing hats

ESPN doesn’t consider the Big Ten to be a Power Five conference

What the hell is Whitlock wearing

Actual thing aired on ESPN!

We really don’t screencap @jonahkeri enough

Todd McShay looks ill

ESPN not up to date on FSU’s logo

You either forgot the cycle, or you forgot the matte

Glorious #chyronfail


The essence of Finebaum.

is this man drunk

Seriously, who does ESPN have working for them tonight?

ESPN having a rough night.

ESPN can predict the future

Two healthy looking guys, here.

Simmons seriously looks like ESPN pulled a hobo off the street and sat him down in the studio

What we get now that Disney owns Star Wars: ESPN “interviewing” Darth Vader

Greatest screencap ever accept no substitutes


Jabari Parker somehow gained six pounds the moment Milwaukee drafted him

Monumental day. New ESPN gfx pkg. It’s unreadable

Jeremy Schaap, covered in bugs.


Heat Back To Finals

Unsure what’s going on here, but a 720p60 video frame should never look like this.

OMG they killed Stuart Scott

Great moments in Television History

ESPN produces its own NCAA national championship broadcast for overseas, which is how we explain this:

Hasn’t David Carr been through enough?

Probably time to update your logo database, ESPN

Oh, this really is just a bad day for TV news of all kinds.

I don’t think that’s an appropriate reaction, Bob

Is ESPN just making things up now?



Our pal @TBTimes_JSmith getting some ESPN facetime, sorta

The Walter Camp “in memoriam” presentation was a disaster


First “Niagra”???

Guess: HD facilities still tied up in Pasadena

Criminy, this Title Talk studio is the size of a bathroom


And here’s what the “command center” feed looks like. That play button is actually onscreen

“Campus connection” feed shows fans from each team watching live:

Or you can tune into ESPNEWS and get your commentary from Matt Millen

Your #TitleTalk set features a table that is almost falling over

As noted by @mjoven1975 ESPN used this as an establishing shot for Tempe. This is in Utah, 300-some miles from Tempe