Why doesn’t Kornheiser have one of these

This has to be the most attractive baseball analyst ever to appear on an ESPN network

Meanwhile my ESPN Deportes is displaying burned-in closed captioning. Which isn’t bad, insofar as learning Spanish goes

Extensive offensive lineman coverage: just one of many reasons MNF is better on Deportes

The Rays have more recent AL East titles than two of these teams, got left off the graphic

Weird score box placement for this Iraq-Chile match on ESPN Deportes

ESPN Deportes announcers don’t have an especially good view of the action:

Thing That Is Stupid: ESPND switches AZ Alkmaar-Ajax match from HD to letterboxed SD 15 minutes into the match:

Rose Bowl broadcast on Deportes is kind of interesting. No graphics.

Hate u, ESPN Deportes

ESPN’s Tebow edict apparently applies to Deportes, too:

And your winner of the “unnecessary letterboxing award” goes to ESPN Deportes: