Better in German

How’s that FS1 morning show going, Erin?

Aaaaaaaaaaand here’s 50 Cent kissing Erin Andrews

What is going on here

Time to check in on Erin Andrews to see how she’s enjoying her new job

What.. is.. this

Erin Andrews is not impressed

The watch, the sweater, the black nail polish–weird look for EA

I don’t think the Fox gig is working out so well for good ol’ EA

“So Erin, how are things going since you left ESPN and went to Fox?”

EA in an MLB dugout is, still, weird

Weird lower third for Erin Andrews. Like Fox considers her an actress or performer more than reporter

Fox is still a bit new at this college football studio show thing:

Erin Andrews on Fox is going to take getting used to

Oh, hey, it’s your “Erin Andrews as Fox employee” screencap:

Lou Holtz: The Future Erin Andrews

Note that the Erin Andrews item has been checked off #scandal

They are out with the Gameday signs early this week

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2011 October 22 9 19 30

2011 September 24 11 58 11

2011 September 3 20 12 24

2011 February 27 16 44 0


2010 December 4 9 1 50

2008 September 26 22 35 0