I spy a Shea in Irving reference

Subtle @dpshow reference in the back with “Will Ferrell loves Shea”

My thoughts exactly, Dan.

Underexplained screencaps

.@PaulPabst looking sharp in a vintage Kent State shirt today:

Here is the amazing draught pull for the @dpshow/Red Hook “Audible” beer

“I’m a horse,” also another #occupygameday sign


Fergie sent @dpshow a chrome bust… bust.

.@HiMyNameIsSeton is his cute little tiger costume:

.@PaulPabst is wearing an outstanding BGSU shirt today

Meanwhile @dpshow is using a decidedly low-tech way of carrying the announcement

Some quality hair being displayed by @dpshow & @andrewperloff today:

In which @PaulPabst attempts to Tebow while wearing striped pants

2011 October 31 11 9 3

2011 October 31 9 57 3