Close, CNN, but no.

You Questions About Plane’s Fate

CNN has already given a deadly disease a nickname

We pause now for the suave and handsome @williamfleitch

The dangers of using screen shots on live TV

CNN turns the Deadspin logo black

Why was the plane bowing?? That seems dangerous.

Oh, delightful.

Either CNN doesn’t know what year it is or they’ve had Mandela stuff prepped for a long, long time

BTW, Canada, here’s how CNN is lower-thirding Rob Ford:

This is probably a #chyronfail

“Have you ever seen Dr. Gupta’s About-Face… ON WEED?”

I dunno what Spoon is, but A-Rod’s about to speak it


And, yes, if you’re watching a cropped SD feed of CNN there was another very unfortunate juxtaposition:

No, really, CNN said that:

Also this is an unfortunate #chyronfail

CNN chyron: “Wing broke off” as they show video of the wing clearly still attached

“She Wants The D”

Dude on CNN right now has some amazing hair

Hello yes this is dog

CNN now blaming “sources” for the arrest reports:

“144+ injured.” So.. 145? 144 is not a round number, why say it’s more than that but not the number you know?

No Wazzu flag? Disappointed

Yes, CNN really did ask if Senator Rubio’s drink of water was a “career-ender”

@YourAnonNews Here is the actual frame as broadcast, proving it’s fake:

Me, @AJHammer, @Jackie_Pepper


CNN went stereoscopic, briefly

BREAKING: Romney did not concede; “ROMMEY” did

According to CNN, John McCain has been spending millions on TV ads in Florida?

Wolf Blitzer stars in: TRAPPED ON FIRE ISLAND

This guy has been standing in the middle of this AC street for 10 hours. He must be tired.

Please tell me this was accompanied by a large black man in a tub yelling NO NO NO NO NO NOOO

Skyscraper crane collapses in NYC:

I cannot believe this is something that was actually just on television

You guys, Robert Blake is going nuts on CNN right now, and look at what he’s wearing:

I take it back. CNN *did* have a (very brief) #chyronfail!!!

There’s our boy @brendanloy nerding it up while on CNN

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