Coolio is performing “Fantastic Voyage” and he has a custom hat

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I feel like this shirt wasn’t handed out at the door.

Blake bloodface

The strobe going off in this single frame allows you to see every face reacting to Griffin crashing into those kids:

Sad Blake Griffin :-(

Glad people are still dressing up as teletubbies in 2012

Because we haven’t had a good Blakeface in awhile

…the hell is this shirt?

Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer is an Atlanta-area Clippers fan

This Clippers fan wants you to know she supports the referees, in fact, she thinks they “be fair”

Reggie Evans with the classy “elbow a guy in the face as you’re walking off the floor” move:

Blake Griffin’s had this expression on his face the entire game, unchanged. Kind of creeped out at this point.

ABA uniforms y’all

Oh this just looks dirty, more flagrante than flagrant

Billy Crystal can’t believe it

Pretty sure that’s not legal, Blake

Chris Paul: Smooth Brother


Bloody-nose Blake!

Pucker up

I used this as the video poster image, but it deserves to be its own HD screencap. BLAKE GRIFFIN DUNKFACE

This is where Blake Griffin picked up his dribble. He dunked the ball.

2011 April 14 0 35 50

Defensive 3 Seconds is Illegal Defense. So is choking:

2011 April 13 23 33 40

think this kid’s been to the Applebees that serves children alcohol