Attn @UniWatch, Casillas’s numbers don’t seem to match everyone else’s?

Most preseason broadcasters use the gfx pkg of their affiliate network. WFLA does not; its NFL graphics feature SWORDS

I spy @willvrag getting a nice shot of some extracurriculars

The true face of the Buccaneers fan.


“Schiano Is Worse Than MRSA,” bag-head fan is quoting Deadspin!

Best Bucs fan ever, guys

Underwood’s hair, like wine, gets better with age


After all these years still amazed Underwood’s hair is helmet-resistant

I don’t think these are regulation pants, though

Aqib Talib says stereotypes be damned

Raheem Morris seems a bit upset with Legarrette Blount

2011 October 23 13 8 15

2011 October 3 21 54 1

2011 September 25 19 24 39

2011 September 25 17 32 15