lol check out this douche with the terrible taste in surrealist art

what a loser

And here’s some dickhead in a dirty white cap looking right into a live TV camera

Right above the S in the ESPN sign here

Anyway, yeah, not many Yankees fans at the game tonight, but they were all in our section for some reason:

To be fair obnoxious Red Sox fan was a decently nice guy. that’s him next to me in the green Pedroia jersey:

Idiot with a glove in the second row

Me, @AJHammer, @Jackie_Pepper

In which @jackdickey & I look upon something disagreeable.

Here, have some derp.

And your promised self-derpface!

Wow, the lower third actually says “Ohio Bobcats” underneath this d-bag’s face

Just found a videotape of the 1994 Liberty Bowl. Why do I have this? Somehow, I was part of the halftime show:

NOT SO SUPER: Tim Burke, of

2011 September 28 10 46 53

1999 January 27 18 42 0