I think your “Toronto American League Baseball Club” shirt might be counterfeit, buddy

This is what Don Cherry wears to a baseball game

Gentleman <3 BJ's

When you’re Geddy Lee, you’re never too old for a soul patch.

SportsNet captured some unique Blue Jays fans tonight

When the fielder has this look of terror on his face, he’s probably not going to catch the ball

Edwin Encarnacion just hit a baseball into the restaurant ABOVE the Honda sign

Brett Lawrie hit a homer a few minutes ago, but right before it he had a true IDGAF moment

Jose Bautista just hit a check-swing grounder, then tried to run to third, I think.

Blue Jays fan is VERY EXCITED about this four-pitch walk

New IDIOT CLUB member: Eric Thames (ht @sixerfan1220)

Blue Jays fan has REALLY been enjoying his birthday

The Blue Jays don’t make the playoffs, so this young Blue Jays fan has playoff hair in the regular season


JP Arencibia has some female fans wearing, uh, suggestive t-shirts

2011 July 8 19 38 50

2011 July 1 14 21 0

2008 September 6 16 51 30