BBC with its own score box (the std BBC one, rather than FIFA’s)

This was just on BBC News. I have no idea what it is, and they did not explain it.

What’s a “submachiune gun”? Sounds scary.

I don’t trust this sketchy-looking dude outside Buckingham Palace

Maybe don’t use the word “Troubles” in regard to N.Ireland unless, you know, it’s about the Troubles, BBC

These cannot possibly be this man’s actual glasses

This man is wearing his hair as a hat.

“No trace of horse was found in this lasagna.”

Why are they proud? Did they kill him?

This man looks much more interesting than the usual guest on American news shows

Here is a Floridian showing why we should definitely NOT help decide who the president is

BBC’s election coverage is awfully violent

I guess technically point differential is a relevant NFL stat, it’s the 5th tiebreaker.

Taken out of context, I mean, this is wonderful. Right?

Wait this announcer’s name is GARTH CROOKS. How did I not know this!?

New TV tuner added to the mix. Can finally get BBC in proper HD, alas a few weeks too late.

I see Jeff Van Gundy’s scored a new job reporting on politics for the BBC:

BBC announcer just called it “the magic spray.” I thought only Americans called it that, and in mockery

Comparison of the video quality of BBC’s live feed and NBC’s on the 100 fly broadcast:


When it comes to Olympic broadcast hair, BBC > NBC

Not technically a #chyronfail, but BBC used a graphic from Halo to represent the U.N. Security Council