Bodies of work

Craig James Killed 5 Hookers

“Playoff committee declares Germany winner of WWII”

wE’re louSy at Producing sigNs

The playoff committee has been licking too many frogs

Meanwhile, at Baylor…

Sad Baylor fans.

Baylor fans have NO IDEA what to make of this national anthem


David Koresh was a BU fan

Apparently Lisa Ann has a lot of holes?

“Man Scale: Griner > Thayer Evans”

The agony of defeat.

One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong

“Baylor is not very good”

“Notre Dame owes us”

Baylor elation.

Big 12 mascot scandal? They seem to be avoiding the camera.

Yo, what’s up with this dude’s tie

RG3’s in the house, so of course it’s the nerdy white kid who’s jersey-popping

So, yeah… if you haven’t been paying attention to the Big 12 game, here’s what Baylor’s wearing.

Now she has Twizzlers AND Jolly Ranchers.

Woman With Twizzlers Is Very Excited About Having Twizzlers

Baylor forgot they were playing today, had to rush from volunteering as crossing guards, had no time to change uniforms

Fear the beard

I know I’m in the minority but I think this is a good foul call, because of the left forearm shove


Many, many people have seen RG3’s mom’s boobs, apparently

You know I’m no fan of paying players, but it’s a damn shame Baylor’s selling these shirts & RG3 gets no cut of the money

SUPERMAN SOCKS #clashclashclash

2011 October 15 14 26 10


2011 October 1 19 10 38

With defeat comes agony.

2011 September 2 23 30 51

2011 September 2 23 17 40

2011 September 2 22 34 30

2011 September 2 21 2 20