soccer is weird

can you blame him, I mean, i find Mesut Özil irresistible too

Your first “sad Arsenal fans” shot of the season

Mangled head alert

Oh lord, the Arsenal supporters

Arsenal fan appears to have no friends, and she is sad about it

Somebody on Arsenal’s bench got very sick during their match yesterday

The most trollingest shirt that ever trolled, “CELEBRATING HALF A CENTURY OF TOTTENHAM FAILURE”

What was happening behind this Fox score box!?!

OPA WIM must be so proud.

The agony of the Arsene

Red Yankees cap, in England, flat brim, worn crooked? I think I found the world’s biggest db

Nice try with the beard Thierry Henry but the Arsenal kit is a better disguise

Plz to be putting a shirt on, Arse-nal fan

2011 May 8 0 14 0

2011 April 20 14 51 53

2011 April 17 13 7 11

2011 April 17 13 7 10

2011 February 27 12 54 15