Woman in penis cream ad very subtly standing in front of a pile of wood

That AARP ad was filmed in Petco, but they digitally deleted the Western Metal Supply Co.:

Interesting rice brands they sell in Ghana. Because when I think Rice, I think of Chicago.

Meanwhile airing on GOLTV, a truly horrifying and nightmare-inducing device

Proctor & Gamble is an official Olympic sponsor on Russian TV, too

Damn lawyers and their fine print

We’re watching @footballaustria today. Already intrigued by the ads


Here’s a screencap from the ad. What cocktail requires that many limes?

I think he’s gonna need something stronger than Aleve, Fox.




Ugh. There is a Monsters University ESPNU logo:

The most Metal financial consultant who ever lived.

Oh, Gainesville TV and your car salesmen-dressed-as-pimps. How I’ve missed you

Yup, they are definitely all watching the same Canadian “college football” game in all the BW3 ads:

So, nobody noticed the guys in the BW3 commercial are watching CANADIAN college football?

The “NFL fans” in that Brees-1D Pepsi spot couldn’t possibly look douchier

This continues to bother me: Why are Dolphins, Jets, & Steelers fans cheering for Drew Brees?

This says “persuasive strong crude and sexual content.” I think they mean “pervasive.”


Per @Nastinchka we should make @ThatsSoCravens a cult icon, so here you go:

(The whole commercial.)

Just watched the new Red Dawn trailer. It features a #chyronfail

NBC just aired this spot ID card for Budweiser for nearly two minutes across the entire east coast feed:

Perhaps you should not trust the guitar store that sells you a pedal so you can sound like “Kirk” Cobain


Among other memes, that Vitamin Water commercial features a double Nyan Cat rainbow

I guess nobody told the ad firm that bars were still segregated in Missouri in 1933

Funny, Vince, but your real name’s Offer Shlomi.

Chris Berman reveals his shock at learning his Toyota endorsement is missing from ESPN’s official list

Dick Vitale: “Why is this Bridgestone endorsement not listed on ESPN’s official list of commentator sponsorships?”


Bell Helicopter: we build war machines but can’t figure out aspect ratio for our TV commercials

“I’m not only the Little Caesar’s president, I’m also a client!”

This is Pamplamoose 2011 (well, she & the adorable little girl singing Felíz Navidad) but what is her name?

Yes, I’m going to trust my money with a company that uses NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR 1.1

Jerry Sandusky=big fan of Tommy Hilfiger parties

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