who is that man

The nation’s collective reaction to this year’s Academy Awards broadcast

Also what is Stamos doing there?

Who is the old dude with cornrows?

This is your brain on drugs

Wait, I’m sorry. THIS is Jim Carreyface

Jim Carreyface

Are they hand-coding the Oscars website as they roll up to it? What’s all that CSS over on the right?


This is actually kind of interesting. Academy Award presenter cheat sheet includes detailed pronunciation guide

Very weird #directorfail after the Best Actor announcement:

I actually think the Sandra Bullock screencap is better:

What is that underneath Hathaway’s seat??

Big screwup by the director, they were supposed to show Tarantino but it looks like they showed Jim Belushi

Typical Hugh Jackman, using the Academy Awards to pick up women



And yes, Robert Downey, Jr. Tebowed.


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2011 February 27 19 4 43