An elated Mike Breen & depressed Jeff Van Gundy, surrounded by confetti:

Doogie Howser, N.B.A.

The moment Kevin Durant swore vengeance:

Fine, here is your screencap. The ref is clearly not high-fiving Spoelstra

I KNEW I recognized creepy old Heat fan from somewhere!! :

Now BASKETBALL has a Cigar Guy

It’s the Bostrich mating call!

Apparently these “BEAT OKC” guys behind the OKC bench are part of @sonicsgate


I realize it’s 20 minutes to tip, but OKC’s arena was FULL at this point

Thunder win, take 2-0 NBA FInals lead


Oh my, Battier does not come out looking good in this one

Because, hey, cool Kevin Durant screencaps are cool

A vest of bricks

What book is LeBron reading!?!