Today’s Joe Buck-Troy Aikman family portrait:

Which team is 3-1?

We pause now for the suave and handsome @williamfleitch

Actual face of a man about to be subjected to several minutes of Gavin DeGraw

C’MON, SNL. The NFL hasn’t used this logo in more than six years.


In Missouri they call this poetry


I bet she’s a Levante supporter

Ray Guy is in the house, & he looks suave as ever

Defeat agony


Meanwhile I am watching the UTSA-FAU game on what appears to be the “Red McCombs Toyota Network”

Penn State just pulled a Florida on that fourth-down play

Indiana’s kicker is wearing shorts.

Upside down midfield logo is upside down


Butch Jones Leaves The Lid Up

My sign beat Indiana

Brian Randolph has glorious hair

Tebows Thighs

Gary Pinkel Types In Comic Sans

Great job, South Carolina. A “Michael Sam is gay” joke

Man Wanny sure was excited about seeing this Byard kid

Tom Jones! In the house at the Grand Final

That’s quite a face.

I think more announcing teams need to cuddle with each other in the booth

The full NFL owner video wall from South Park:

N904DS is the actual tail number of Dan Snyder’s plane

South Park replaced RG3, who appeared in the early version of tonight’s show, with Kirk Cousins:

Your southern Minnesota 7pm news is a battle between anchors wearing jean jackets (KEYC) and leather jackets (KTTC)

It’s Sunday night and it’s 8:30, which means it’s time for AL MICHAELS FACE

Pete Carroll shocked face

SLIGHTLY beyond the line of scrimmage

Today’s Joe Buck-Troy Aikman family portrait:

Wazzu bro can’t even believe they’re only a touchdown back

Jameis Winston is not impressed

WVU sadface

Elite Athlete Looks Like Dork

Sad LSU fans.

Soda: “Free.” Crab Legs: “Free.”


Sad Missouri fans.

Pretty nice crowd for Miami-UC.

Actual JR actually doing football commentary

no you do not

Protect and serve

This official wants no part of your celebration


Return Of The Kiffykins Derpface

¿Donde está la defensa?

I’m sure there’s some kind of explanation for this

EMU getting pantsed both literally and figuratively

FSU domestic violence jokes.

You’re better than this Nebraska





“Right in the end zone.”