He’s wearing shower shoes on TV

“Malzahn eats blue waffles”

That’s a lot of words for a cheap Cam Newton joke

“I am the 1.1% of Tebow fantasy owners”

“Are Kiffin and Tosh the same person?”

And there’s your first Gurley sign.

Reagan-Bush ’84

This is the first time I can remember seeing a fundie sign at College GameDay

We need more signs like this: “Go to hell Ole Miss”

“You’ll need more than one second to beat us”


Not the most useful camera angle.


Dangerous fungus

The people are enthralled


Buck-Verducci family portrait

Fox can’t/won’t provide a clean feed of the NLDS to its own Deportes channel. The FS1 bug bleeds past the FD one

It’s 8:30 on Sunday night. Here’s your Al Michaels face.


This seems unhealthy


This child was conceived in the top of the 2nd inning

In what must be a new soccer record, BOTH teams in the MLS match have scored in the FIRST EIGHT SECONDS

Shocked USC bros are SHOCKED

Larry King sure looks like he’s enjoying himself

Rutgers beats Michigan, rushes the field


Ole Miss beats Alabama, rushes the field

Ankles do not bend that way

Carlos Valderrama is hanging out at a Uruguayan League match, & he still has the same hair

That is not a touchdown

go gata


“Alabama is the reason the tooth fairy went broke”

“Katherine Webb = Ole Miss 6”

Ya boy @nick_pants getting some #gameday time

Brady Hoke should try this

Finebaum > Tebow

.@cbfowler doing it!


“Nick Saban doesn’t silence his phone during movies”

“Please don’t poison our trees”

“Kristen Saban is an Ole Miss 5”

CNN has already given a deadly disease a nickname

ESPN doesn’t consider the Big Ten to be a Power Five conference

Suspenders & ball cap not a great look

Lookin’ good, fellas


Oregon still wins the hair game

Pac-12 Refs

Check out my cigar yo

This is America’s most trusted NFL broadcast team

whoa they still sell Miller Genuine Draft?

But seriously can someone check on Sleeping Beauty here I’m actually concerned about him

I mean, sort of?

Tom Brady, hanging his head.


Not exactly best seats in the house for NBC’s Spanish-language NFL broadcasters

It’s Sunday Night. Al Michaels face time.