ITV is broadcasting today’s England-San Marino match. Their graphic of SM’s lineup is a bit insulting (if accurate)

Andy Kennedy reacts to seeing Marshall Henderson’s Twitter account for the first time:

Chuck doing the Rooster.

This is totally normal

The Rev. is in attendance

Hoops Nation bids you a fond farewell, Matty D.


There’s an Ohio Bobcat basketball player in this year’s NCAA Tournament after all:

Wish they could find a way to run the NCAA Basketball Tournament like this

LIU has an actual blackbird in attendance

Digger Phelps has Miami over Georgetown in the championship, which is impossible


Robert Morris beats Kentucky, storms the court

Callipari smileface

Sager’s bracket tie:

Thing That Is Stupid: ESPND switches AZ Alkmaar-Ajax match from HD to letterboxed SD 15 minutes into the match:

I guess the media stormed the court?


Oh, yeah, nobody cares about MLS

Tonight’s Don Cherry outfit

Keith “Dambrodt”?

I believe we have a @VCUPav sighting


If you can spare a screen, there is some beauty happening over on NBC:

Shot is clearly off in time:

I guess this Kent fan is saying “We choked”?

Referees ejected a Florida Gators fan from Madison Square Garden:

ESPNU Logo Update: Xavier


This is not why they invented HDTV

Nessler seeks deliverance from SEC basketball.

“NBA Streaks”???

No Wazzu flag? Disappointed

Oh freaking come on.

Your trolling… it contains too many words.

Congratulations to Ohio State, champions of the Belmont Conference


I don’t think these Northeastern fans approve of their team’s performance

Sometimes my video feeds freeze at perfect times

Fitting Tom Crean Screencap

JT is one of the best SNL hosts of all time, Exhibit A:

JT wearing a Memphis Tigers shirt


CBS Sports is interviewing @ButlerBlue2:

What a sight to see in the Convocation Center:

ESPNU LOGO UPDATE: Loyola Marymount

I don’t think Danica Patrick cared much for this question

Something doesn’t add up here…

Fernando Rodney cap status: PERFECT

Frank Lampard is mutating

I have no idea what is on my TV right now except Brian Knobbs is involved and they are chainsawing a chair


Nebraska beats Minnesota, storms the court

As a Pasco resident for two years, I can confirm that PASCO LOL

Questions you didn’t know anybody wanted the answer to:


So yes, this is happening right now

Something’s missing from this “throwback” logo..

Just now realized they got @bomani_jones a proper studio & thus he can wear great jackets like this one w/o moire-ing

They have it half right:


Who is Jim “LarraƱaga”?

Here is, very possibly, the perfect screencap

These nerds could not be more Virginia student

Bummer for UConn being ineligible, since they’re ranked third

Oh yeah: Penn State beats Michigan, storms the court

This is better without context

Here is a college basketball player jumping to take a free throw.

Minnesota beats Indiana, storms the court

Sweater guy knows what’s up.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

That’s not how you spell dildos

Oh, ISU fans.


Rules 1 & 2, /woo/-bro.

That is, uh, some blood on Lesnar there

Very weird #directorfail after the Best Actor announcement:

I actually think the Sandra Bullock screencap is better:

What is that underneath Hathaway’s seat??

Big screwup by the director, they were supposed to show Tarantino but it looks like they showed Jim Belushi

Typical Hugh Jackman, using the Academy Awards to pick up women


Update! The Michigan fans who were making weird faces are no longer there:

Everybody gets derpface’d. Here’s @meredithshiner

Oh god these Michigan fans

Aaaaaaaaaaand here’s 50 Cent kissing Erin Andrews


Attn @robcwv


Racecars are not supposed to look like this

Get crunk Rachel Nichols


“I made this sign to annoy the people behind us”

NOT having a Real Good Time

Actually this is a much better screencap of that gentleman

Price Is Right weird face

UNLV continues to be your college basketball nightmare fuel factory:

Where’s your car phone, preppie

KC TV station #chyronfail’d the name of its own helicopter:


Holly Rowe in her leathers, eschewed air travel to arrive in Columbia on the back of a Softail

It’s the universal language.

Also this

This screencap of something Musburger said a few minutes ago requested by my wife.

Oh God, Lunardi is dressed up too


Pretty sure this is not supposed to happen in drag racing

This man is wearing his hair as a hat.

Tonight’s Don Cherry outfit

This is very stupid

Maryland beats Duke, storms the court

That is not a Zamboni

I think that should be Missouri ball:

.@Englishscope24 is NOT HAPPY

Also, if you haven’t seen what Wake Forest is wearing today:

This is a backcourt violation, yes? (It wasn’t called.)

Matt Lauerhead!

The ring announcer for tonight’s Friday Night Fights had one of the most amazing ponytails I have ever seen

Manhattan beats Iona, storms the court

I know asking “the hell is Westbrook wearing” is tired but.. seriously, business up top and party down low ain’t a thing