“Campus connection” feed shows fans from each team watching live:

Or you can tune into ESPNEWS and get your commentary from Matt Millen

Your #TitleTalk set features a table that is almost falling over

Johnny Football with the plaid tie. Needs to tighten up that knot, though

Governor Pat Illinois, everyone

I appreciate them letting me know this Ali-Foreman fight isn’t being broadcast live. Also #chyronfail



Today’s Buck-Aikman family portrait:

What is the Serbian age-defying secret!?!?

CBS spotlights diarrhea sludge purveyor

If I was on TV a bunch I’d put a picture of my dad on here too

Don Cherry almost looks normal tonight

Playoffs Al Michaels face!

Ah yes, it’s terrifying Colts Guy again

Sad Buckeye fans


What does the Fox say

Oh wait. The Orange Bowl had an M.I.A. moment:

Wow, @ZODIAC_MF wasn’t joking. @ovationtv looks… terrible.

The agony of defeat

Distraught Bamafans

Shocked Bamafan

That’s a pretty bold claim, NBC Sports Net

As noted by @mjoven1975 ESPN used this as an establishing shot for Tempe. This is in Utah, 300-some miles from Tempe

Baylor fans have NO IDEA what to make of this national anthem

.@Eve_Edelheit is VERY HAPPY to be covering the Outback Bowl.

Have a great day

Some really scary moments in this Tournament of Roses parade, guys

Here’s a screencap from the ad. What cocktail requires that many limes?

When I was 16 many of my drives featured this

Schiano Man? Renaissance Man!

Breaking news guys

Was at @GreenBenchBrew celebrating @Kit_Connolly’s birthday. Here’s your Al Michaels face:


Raiderfan, everybody

Today’s Joe Buck-Troy Aikman family portrait:

RG3 is unimpressed

Maybe a bad choice of letters to string together for a pun.


Here’s what Don Cherry is wearing tonight


Anguished Minnesota fan

Shocked Minnesota fan

Apparently Claude Monet is directing today’s Cardiff-Southampton broadcast

Right above the S in the ESPN sign here

Happy Sunday. Here’s this week’s Al Michaels face.

Sad Seahawks fan

Sad Ravens fan

Reasons not to live in Florida: That this is an important occupation


Today’s Buck-Aikman family portrait:

GUYS. The World Fooseball Championship is currently airing on ESPN3:

ESPN continues to not know the difference between Ragin’ Cajuns and Leopards

Colorado State wins New Mexico Bowl, rushes the field

WCCO inexplicably used @OspreyDawn’s fake NFL logos in a feature report on NFL violence tonight

Bob Knight sweater alert

Somehow I missed this surprising news


Talkin’ ’bout my GENNERATION