Meanwhile Cyndi Lauper is wearing a piano skirt

Excuse me sir there is a giant turd on your head

Kid ‘n Play, guys

Can’t imagine why nobody else wanted to ride in this car with Skip Bayless & Colin Cowherd

lol Tampa

Fox Sports 1 has a weird dress code for its sideline reporters

Go on…




Oh come ON CBS Sports Net. Everybody knows Marshall is spelled “STUPID COW”

This was intentional.

DC CBS affiliate producing tonight’s newscast outside from a DESK MADE OF ICE:

Hoyafan has the sadz

Damn, Pitbull’s been working out


Why, no, knees do not bend that way. Thank you for asking.

do not trust these people

Buck. Aikman. Family portrait time:

Tom Brady facepalm

As @AdamHammer24 notes, CBS is using a REALLY old photo of Tom Brady

Bon Jovi has an assigned seat with his name on it. BONJOVI SITS WHERE HE WANTS DAMMIT

We all need more drugs

Today in blindingly obvious news


Somebody disconnected Sky News’s USB drive

Auburn wins championship

Our pal @TBTimes_JSmith getting some ESPN facetime, sorta

SMU’s pep band is… interesting

Currently airing on my C-SPAN2 channel:

This is what the video looks like. It’s gorgeous

Wasn’t joking about B.J. Upton’s house being on fire

Julia Louis-Dreyfusface

This dude is having a good time

140 characters is not enough to describe this Buckeye scene

Buck. Aikman. Family portrait

Man those guys are all REALLY offside

Don Cherry back to his usual flamboyance tonight

Sean Paytonface

The Walter Camp “in memoriam” presentation was a disaster


First “Niagra”???

Another addition to our disturbingly large gallery of Jim Boeheim knuckle-deep into his nostril

Jay Gruden, everybody.

Hey @JoshElliottABC, you’re a Jeopardy! answer!

Guess: HD facilities still tied up in Pasadena

I like how he feels he needs to point at the flare. Like lit flares are known for not being very visible

Auburn had a blocking advantage on the final play of the game. Runner foolishly cut back toward the defenders


Jimboface, & John Saunders stinkeye

Meanwhile on Campus Connection, a young woman is getting spanked


On WWE Old School night, a fan is holding a sign that refers to a Garbage song that came out in 1995

Always-helpful Lee Corso points out where the runner went out of bounds

Criminy, this Title Talk studio is the size of a bathroom


This looks like a really sad cocktail party

And here’s what the “command center” feed looks like. That play button is actually onscreen

“Campus connection” feed shows fans from each team watching live:

Or you can tune into ESPNEWS and get your commentary from Matt Millen