USD has quite the jerseys

Conversion from Euro-standard 1080i25 to Fox’s 720p60 leads to very sad video quality.

Pretty sure this was not supposed to be on TV

2013 May 24 23 20 20

Crying Heat fan

Some of you asked for a screencap of the wild finish of that Indy Lights race. Here you are:

Police believe this is the truck that caused the bridge collapse:

Dig this Mississippi State fan.

Another shot of the Skagit River bridge collapse, from KIRO:

Here’s that epically bad #chyronfail from the Royals broadcast everyone’s been asking for

Hey guys look it’s @mattufford

Those are some strange-looking women, GOLTV.

European olive oil rules, declares Al-Jazeera

Minnesota pitching coach Todd Oakes wearing a surgical mask on a mound visit. He has leukemia

King Of The Bros


“She Wants The D”

Josh Leuke wears stupid hats, too

Ben Zobrist never, ever argues with an umpire. He’s arguing with CB Bucknor, & sure enough the call was blown:

Depressing screencap alert

This guy is NOT IMPRESSED by Selena Gomez’s singing

Chris Brown’s dance routine involved him beating the piss out of his backup dancers, then making this horrifying face:

ESPN has launched a new basketball score box. I find it harder to read:

Split-screen ump-arguing

Is it even possible to hold a professional boxing match anymore without a sugar skull showing up in the ring

This is why you don’t give children caffeine

Today’s Fox family portrait is Dick Stockton & Brian Anderson.

Local Greek TV station showing Greekleague B-Ball. PQ so bad I can’t tell which teams are playing

Diego Bueller’s Day Off

Failed Kevin Durant is looking into your soul

Also #chyronfail

It’s barely working on Xbox 360. Here’s the video quality:

Roger Federer got a haircut, guys:

Tom Thibodeau facepalm.


Welcome to the new era!

Just now catching up on SNL. What was this bizarre thing? Has this been explained?

Mad City.

Unhappy Pop.

Something tells me Florida Man is involved in this:

PENS MIGHTIER #chyronwin

Power is still out in this Cruz Azul-Monarcas match:

Frank Solich & Jim Christian repping the Bobcats at today’s Tribe game:

Sky News is broadcasting live from Cleveland:

Wigan facepalm.

The UK version of The Apprentice features some amazing eyebrows.

So Screaming Spurs Fan is one of the people in this image:

Peggy Olson, as reality sets in:

Oh, great! This is what we have to look forward to after the game.

Man in “GIGANTE” jersey grabs crotch


BeIN has an actual live human being on the scene of a match for once!

Today’s Joe Buck-Tim McCarver family portrait:

Where to start!? The AMAZING mustache,, or the “O’s Before Hoes” shirt?

Aww, look! It’s @jonahkeri hanging out next to @TampaBayTK

Just a Caps fan COMPLETELY PASSED OUT & a kid who can’t keep his fingers out of his orifices

Eller, and his blood, after that hit by Gryba

Quite the tifo from Benfica.


Skip Bayless did not react well to learning of Tebow’s release

Whoa, whoa, ESPN, hockey games don’t have “quarters”

Dude on CNN right now has some amazing hair

Things you don’t expect to see on the news:

More nightmares.

Not so baby-faced anymore.


I think Stan spent time in the supply closet before this meeting:


The 2012-13 Lakers season, in one screencap:

All the news on the WFAN ticker on WCBS tonight was 3 1/2 months old. How does that happen!?

I.. have no idea what is going on here.


That microphone is a biohazard

Don Cherry is especially understated tonight:

An all new kind of #chyronfail: personal messages

Best draft moment ever

Family portrait time again! Here’s Kenny Albert & Tim McCarver.

Oh lord this Warriors fan

And we have Geno Smith facepalm.

Bills fans.

Your archetypal Jets fan:

Meanwhile in the Rays dugout…

The hell happened to you, Barry?

Jags fans all look miserable

Berman looking sharp tonight

Federer in the house!

Instead of soccer, we get the famous European absurdist play, Waiting For Camera

Is this what Edmonton looks like RIGHT NOW? Why does anybody live there?

E! blurred out both the UF logo & the NCAA logo on the Lochte show last night:

This is one of the best frames I’ve seen on #madmen in years

(The context for previous tweet:

Why is there a mouse pointer on the screen!?!?

Don Cherry’s outfit tonight is Bruins-themed:

The most Metal financial consultant who ever lived.

Meanwhile here’s the hard-hitting news on ABC

I’m fond of this Fox News fullscreen.

Hello yes this is dog

Because everybody gets derpfaced, here’s my Gawker colleague @AdrianChen


Seriously, how does this happen? Doesn’t “Fox Confirms” mean you actually know it to be true?

CNN now blaming “sources” for the arrest reports:

Here’s the real Gucci Mane screencap. It’s from March 27th:

The fake one:

My local Greek TV station has had this onscreen for more than an hour:


Fans are really excited about the Yankee Stadium “Sweet Caroline”:

“144+ injured.” So.. 145? 144 is not a round number, why say it’s more than that but not the number you know?

Carl Crawford needs to stop getting dressed in the dark

SportsNet captured some unique Blue Jays fans tonight

Chris Hansen looks a little rough these days, guys

“All news is local”

This is what is on NBC right now. NBC News uses Windows 98.

Here’s how that Boston Marathon fullscreen actually appeared. Dunno if @mistertug is having PS fun or what:


That is not a shirt with which one should wear a tie.

“Which a-hole invited the guy from San Jose!?”


Check it out guys it’s @jonahkeri

Looks like Albert is suffering wardrobe issues. That head does not match the body

RT @TimBaffoe: Sad, cold Fujikawa is sad, cold.

She’s just not that into you