NC Central coach LeVelle Moton, who played for the Eagles, in tears as time winds down in their MEAC championship

You’d think CBC of all places would know which teams they’re broadcasting tonight

Sad Wisconsin fans.


Albany wins, storms losing team’s court

Nightmare fuel

One is the loneliest number

Here is the final frame from the last program broadcast out of NBC’s historic Burbank studios:

This guy…

Never good to be bleeding from the eye socket

Matt Painter, drank aficionado

American fans storm the losing team’s court:

Lotta homonyms in this lower third.

Puerto La Cruz is a terrible sports town

Wrong School

Err, that would be a #chyronfail

The only $10,000 Canadian Experiences I know happen in Casino Windsor or its surrounding strip clubs

Uh, that’s an interesting matchup CSS

Not a place you should be grabbing people

Why was the plane bowing?? That seems dangerous.

Rob Ford looks sharp… or something.

Oh hi Rob Ford


The nation’s collective reaction to this year’s Academy Awards broadcast

Also what is Stamos doing there?

Who is the old dude with cornrows?

This is your brain on drugs

Wait, I’m sorry. THIS is Jim Carreyface

Jim Carreyface

Are they hand-coding the Oscars website as they roll up to it? What’s all that CSS over on the right?


This is actually kind of interesting. Academy Award presenter cheat sheet includes detailed pronunciation guide


Ron Barr knows what’s up

Finally have the time to do what Team USA couldn’t

One more Al Michaels screencap for you. This is #100 in the Al Michaels collection

Is it 8:30 on a Sunday night? Then it’s time for AL MICHAELS FACE

You’re doing it wrong


That’s not a sinister look at all

Canadian women beg to differ

Medals, how do they work

Pretty sure this is a dude who tried to shave his chest hair into a maple leaf


Canada: where top-ranking federal government officials wear mittens

15 years ago @JasonNweather & I were anchoring Athens MidDay together. This morning he’s on Good Morning America.

Fired up the PSX tonight, had totally forgotten I own this very relevant game!

Don Cherry sporting the Mickey Mouse tie today


Meanwhile airing on GOLTV, a truly horrifying and nightmare-inducing device

LeBron oh god the blood is everywhere

And here’s what Don Cherry’s wearing.

“This is my magazine. You can’t have it. It’s got my name on it. No, literally.”

Don Cherry laughs at your “patriotism.”

By doing Google DNS lookups?

But srsly how is this considered an acceptable hairstyle for a man regardless of his sexuality etc


Closed captioning almost never transcribes the word “uh.” This one was relevant:

Ice dancers are soulless robots

Greatest Olympic moment