Skype does not use the Internet, according to Fox News:

Harrisburg reporter covering e-cigs actually smoked one as part of his story. Inhaled & everything

Attn Knoxville residents: on Thursday they will be “Misquito” spraying.

Pasadena is a terrible sports town


CNN chyron: “Wing broke off” as they show video of the wing clearly still attached


Some cheeky monkeys havin’ a look at Del Potro’s bum.

Joey Chestnut given the royal treatment:

Sonya Thomas is in a bad place

Whoever came up with this idea surely was wearing Bad Idea Jeans

This is what happens when you combine the Oakland Athletics with PEANUT BUTTA JELLY TIME

Truly one of the great moments in broadcast sports history


I’d laugh, if a person wasn’t dead & this was the trial of the man accused of killing him:

This is actual testimony in a murder trial. And this is happening:

Maybe don’t use the word “Troubles” in regard to N.Ireland unless, you know, it’s about the Troubles, BBC

Texas, y’all

The New York Mets

And you thought people bringing iPads to BASEBALL games was bad

Something seems off about these Earthquakes announcers

The Canadian Randy Savage.

Everything about this image. Everything

One of the greatest things I have ever seen on my television:

Oh, a nice shot of @RaysWhiteBoard on Sun Sports tonight

Miami Marlins-level attendance for this France-USA match:

Count the horrible things:

Something I’m sure @sepinwall noticed.. our closing shot of Peggy, compared with the opening shot of the series premiere:

NOT EVEN CLOSE “James Gadolini”

“lost at sea” telegram:

Did not realize this Skywire broadcast featured a Favre-cam

Oh lord, Jim Cantore

This is a glorious sign.

You look forward to it every week. Here’s today’s Joe Buck-Tim McCarver family portrait:

Seriously look at all the people NOT watching the fight in the ring

The most swag soccer manager in the world

If the internet world has ever clamored for an image of @chrissyteigen holding a bottle of Sriracha, here you go

Nothing like conducting an interview with several pieces of confetti stuck to your skull.

EPIC #chyronfail: Miami ABC station reports “Game 7 Loss”

For Shane Battier, being champions means not having to wear shoes:

Danger Will Robinson

LeBron ain’t even mad



There is a fan in a Stephen Curry jersey at the game tonight in primo seats:

The hell is this man wearing

Why I love @ReutersStream

Nigeria: excited.

Soccer is great because even dudes getting destroyed can point to the heavens in celebration

Here’s @DanRubenstein & Jeremy Roenick, in harmony

Good to see Mexico fans comfortable with their fate.

I don’t think he knows what the weather’s actually going to be like.

Gross LeBronface

So much going on here, especially somebody who does not appear to like Bill Simmons

When you’re Geddy Lee, you’re never too old for a soul patch.

NBA analysis you can trust.


Iran still working on that whole “pool microphone” concept.

The Don Draper, in repose with tumbler on chest

Bob Benson realtalk

Great moments in basketball faces

Carmelo Anthony fan, what are you doing there

Tim Duncanface

She mad

Check out who was the star of tonight’s Puerto Rican league game:

Tonight’s Joe Buck-Tim McCarver family portrait is a classic

Not an accident, a function of replay rights to something aired on NBC:

Just now noticed Chelsea Roffey, my favorite referee in any sport, is calling this match on goal

It’s @MichelleDBeadle’s dad:

I hope this is a #chyronfail?

Portland is a terrible sports town

My video feeds freeze at the most opportune times

I spy Michael Pemulis, whose supplies no doubt helped to rowdy up the crowd

Spoelstra can’t believe his parents brought him to this lame basketball game

The great Satan

Your #USMNT tifo:

Catchers in full gear hanging out a second base, something you don’t see every day

Great moments in closed captioning

To be fair obnoxious Red Sox fan was a decently nice guy. that’s him next to me in the green Pedroia jersey:

Someone is getting maimed in this dogpile.

Sad LeBronface.

This is a totally reasonable thing to wear to a basketball game

Simmons didn’t really commit to that fist bump.

Mike Tyson is performing at the Tony Awards, in case you were in need of some more surrealism in your life:

ESPN Deportes announcers don’t have an especially good view of the action:

Better late than never, here’s today’s Buck-McCarver family portrait:

Woman witnessing carnage wonders why she came to boxing match

Great screencaps, courtesy LSU

This is very weird and horribly done, NBC.


That kid is really embarrassed to be seen with Pat Riley

Don’t Tread On Me

Usain Bolt’s reaction to losing to Gatlin:

Dan, you look… different.

People say poker on TV is boring. Why, look how compelling this is:

First time I’ve ever watched an MLB dot TV exclusive broadcast. Their graphics, uh

Interesting: ESPN3’s English-language coverage of the UEFA U-21 tournament is from TSN.

Unexpected offseason Al Michaels face!!!

There used to be a band called the Jesus And Mary Chain. Here’s the Jesus part of them


Because everyone gets derpface’d, here’s @drewmagary

Seriously, Camp Nou is 2/3 full for this:

And a screencap of Pete toking on the couch for good measure.


Pete Campbellface

Ryan Reynolds once was cool. Now he’s wearing a blue vinyl jacket

I think ESPN is broadcasting the Oklahoma-Virginia Tech game with a webcam

Rex Sox? Not that fetish thing again.

Another kangaroo running a meth lab

I don’t know on what program Thane Camus is a TV personality, but I want to watch it

Ugh. There is a Monsters University ESPNU logo:


There is an old man at the Heat-Pacers game holding a flamingo

Because everyone gets derpface’d, here’s @gangrey

Here’s tonight’s Joe Buck & Tim McCarver family portrait

This is the motorsports version of a facepalm

Wow, apparently having milk poured on your head bleaches your hair

Switched my Al-Jazeera feed to NHK just now. First thing I saw tells me I made the right choice:

This is a terrific screencap