Calhoun is unimpressed by Google Glass guy

A wild Jim Gray appears!

Don Cherry’s jacket punishing anyone who still has a tube TV

Tiny score box difference between TBS, TNT, & TruTV I hadn’t noticed until now:

Can’t tell what model but referees are pretty clearly using a consumer-grade TV, not a broadcast monitor for replays

Smile, @NicoleAuerbach

It just isn’t the same without Tim McCarver


There’s a Fox Sports 3!?

Actual Mets fan expression as he looks at the team roster

Broadcast trying very hard not to show any middle fingers. Broadcast is failing

In honor of Mayor Ford this fan has a crack problem


Meanwhile my ESPN Deportes is displaying burned-in closed captioning. Which isn’t bad, insofar as learning Spanish goes


Ahh, MLB doing its best NBA League Pass impression

Our boy Jimmy Patsos is just a bit sweaty.

And here’s some dickhead in a dirty white cap looking right into a live TV camera

Bay News 9 hard-hitting pregame report on our friends’ unborn child


My city looks pretty nice on TV today, though

Bo Ryanface

So much rage and profanity in one studio

.@ballybasketball getting screentime AGAIN! Also @YahooForde


Hasn’t David Carr been through enough?

MICHAEL MOORE SIGHTING! Also some tall guy in a hoodie in front of him

True definition of DGAF.

That’s good refereeing

Oh yes we will screencap that

Dunno why everybody is complaining about the colors in Tennessee-Michigan. I think it’s… vivid

Visage de Cheval!

I guess the women aren’t important enough to have LAST NAMES?

In which I screencap my dad.

We were busy earlier, but we were NOT going to miss one of our last shots at a @ballybasketball screencap

Never forget

Great scoop by NBC to report the breaking news that NBC is investigating breaking news

Roy Rage

This woman REALLY did not want to be touched by a basketball player

Who can forget that famous baseball film “Bull Durmah”

Most boring Don Cherry outfit in months

Another @VCUPav sighting!

Arizona State struggleface

Definitely having nightmares tonight

So this will go down as one of my favorite screencaps ever


Nothing like having seats directly behind home plate and paying more attn to your iPad than the game

Pretty early in the tournament to be breaking out the ladder if you ask me

Rob Ryan sits in with the NDSU pep band

(Classmates unimpressed)

CBS did not pay attention in sixth grade science class!!

Meanwhile in another NCAA tournament: OCTOBOX

Is this an Encyclopedia Brown mystery

All three Tampa Bay 11pm newscasts featured this same, dumb story

Dickie V three months ago vs. tonight. I hope for his health’s sake it’s just a white balance error

Auburn is playing USF in cricket. Where is this happening?

Auburn has a cricket team!?

I spy @VCUPav

Punk kid.

Probably time to update your logo database, ESPN