CBS Sports Net fullscreen chyron way out of alignment. Video bleeding over top and left edges!

I think it will thrill you. It may shock you. It might even… horrify you.

Everything about this MWC broadcast is a #chyronfail

I see now why this game is delayed:

Oh yeah, this is very safe tackling practice

UNC can be Carolina. USCe is CAROLIN

Someone please get this man a properly-sized jersey

Can someone please explain to me the purpose of these bizarre microphones


That “You Mad Bro?” sign


I endorse this Dodgers fan’s shirt

Time again to check in on the status of AL MICHAELS’ FACE:

Drake is ashamed to be there

“Who is the Bills QB?” “I DUNNO READ THE MANUAL”

Reason #9000 to check aspect ratio before broadcasting video:

Anyway, yeah, not many Yankees fans at the game tonight, but they were all in our section for some reason:

Really? Nobody fixed his shirt/jacket before they went into the courtroom?

Why did Fox News put “woman” in scare quotes? Do they not believe women exist?

Stop all the downloading

This seems like something you should take to, like, an ACTUAL courtroom.

Fox Soccer Channel is so dead that Fox listed the match it’s currently showing as being on “DirecTV” rather than FSC

What’s a “submachiune gun”? Sounds scary.

The “A-Rod Is A Looser” sign appeared on Crowd Goes Wild

This is the sort of thing I find really helpful & informative but will somehow anger viewers

Immediately after the Red Sox-Yankees game ended, Fox Sports Live puts up this lower third:

Pinkhat with King Of The Hill on, I’ve seen it all now.

Soriano, Cano, & A-Rod. See, they’re the best of friends.

A-Rod looked satanic rounding the bases

Is the era of “[SOURCE]” over? Both ESPN & Fox Sports 1 sourcing properly:

Is that guy for real with the mustache

Drugs are bad, m’kay?

And here’s tonight’s Joe Buck-Troy Aikman family portrait

Knees do not bend that way


As several of you have noted, FS1 in SD is a disaster

Also here is my opinion of Andy Roddick’s performance so far

Meanwhile the Fox Sports 1 ticker doubled in size while you weren’t paying attention

No Joe Buck today, so your family portrait is Kenny Albert & Tim McCarver:

That’s a helpful camera angle


Your first “sad Arsenal fans” shot of the season

SHOCKED that a man with this name could be facing drug charges

Fox Sports 1 bringing at least one thing ESPN doesn’t: gambling odds.

Mangled head alert

ATTENTION. Phillies fan at Sunderland!!

Fox Sports 1 blurring out the Cazadores logo from Sonnen-Silva. All other logos left alone?

Odd disclaimer?

FS2 is *not* using a zoom-out, though

Here’s what I mean. Fox only using 67% of the screen for video

How long did it take FS1/FS2 to have their first #chyronfail? 20 seconds:

Your Fox Sports 1 ticker:

Disgruntled SPEED employees with hours left on the job already #chyronfailing

Jamaican sports fans are big into idioms

Holy crap my hometown is playing right now on ESPN3!!!!!

NBC’s Premiership overflow channels are live. Here’s what they’re currently airing:

Weird score box placement for this Iraq-Chile match on ESPN Deportes

Actually if NBCSN is going to bring us sports highlights from the 22ND CENTURY I am ok with this

Having a real name no longer necessary to be on TV.

WAIT WAIT WAIT. What are the Yankees wearing!??

“Have you ever seen Dr. Gupta’s About-Face… ON WEED?”

Guys @domcosentino is on The Crossover today:

Indians Fan In Very Expensive Seat Is Flipping You The Bird

Real Madrid gets police escort in Miami


I dunno what Spoon is, but A-Rod’s about to speak it

Craig Gentry, you’ve CHANGED!!!

Bunny is sad. Gorilla is sad.

Who could possibly eat this much popcorn!?

It’s the first AL MICHAELS FACE of the season!!!

May THIS IMAGE be the legacy of the Joe Buck-Tim McCarver era in baseball forever

Ladies & gentlemen, CUBS FANS:

As always, soccer players have the worst haircuts (look closely for the rattail)

Local Fox meteorologist delivers forecast standing in front of… Internet Explorer

Sky News is in the UK. They are covering the propane explosions live. Fox, CNN, MSNBC are not:

WESH, I love you, but this is ridiculous.

Today in WAT: Marlins Fans

Lower Thirds From 1998


Gentleman <3 BJ's

Things I Do Not Want To See On My Television

No McCarver yesterday. Here is your Buck-Karros family portrait

I feel there are many, many ways this lower third could be misunderstood.

Pregnant Mexico fan painted her belly to look like a soccer ball

Eddie Johnsonface

Tony La Russa playing on an iPad at a baseball game, no doubt tracking down people impersonating him on Twitter

“I chill in deep space/A mask is over my face” applies to a lot of Mets fans

Excellent job by ABC to show a bit of context for today’s baby-unveiling:

Tonight’s RAW was one long Wardrobe Malfunction. Whoever this is, her nipple was hanging out the entire time

The saddest fan.

And, yes, if you’re watching a cropped SD feed of CNN there was another very unfortunate juxtaposition:

No, really, CNN said that:

Also this is an unfortunate #chyronfail

I don’t trust this sketchy-looking dude outside Buckingham Palace

That is.. interesting hair.


I had no idea Dr. Lou saw patients outside his licensed field


Oh man, this shot just now from Top Gear is amazing

Who are the Whiet Sox

No Joe Buck today, so you get Kenny Albert & Tim McCarver for a family portrait:

Meanwhile on NBC..

In the U.S. golf spectators wear horse heads. Here’s what they wear in the UK:

Oh my, Brewers fan

GOLTV’s Ascenso Division match video only available in SD, so they’re using rest of screen to show score & lineups:

He did WHAT to the NAACP!? ht @kb511

Very different graphics on the Deportes broadcast as well. Examples:

Tonight’s ALL-STAR GAME Buck-McCarver family portrait is excelsior:

Matt Moore THAT’S NOT MY NAME face


Embracing this screencap with all my heart

I think this guy is excited.

Tonight’s Joe Buck-Tim McCarver family portrait:

Ladies & Gentlemen: I present the most ANGRYSAD announcing duo in history

Because when I think “Insider with knowledge of what MLB players talk about in the clubhouse” I think LARRY KING

This screencap feels… important.

Great moments in television


.@keithlaw drops numerous Archer references on BBTN, is rewarded with this:

Yup, Wondo’s name is misspelled. On his own jersey.