The hell you wearing



Maybe get him a milk crate?

Browns fan gives two thumbs up to that pick. Wait, no, two middle fingers

We have a JT3 sighting!

It looks like six-year-olds playing soccer

Gulfport baseball fans! You get to ride with trolls, & they give you a hat from some guy named Ray

Go Yankees

That’s famous softball inside-the-park-home-run-hitter @asharock

Sad Liverpool fans

OMG they killed Stuart Scott

This smirk is just outstanding

(And yes Don Draper did eventually put the Mets pennant up on his wall)

Mets pennant.

Enough with the Star Wars crap.

This jersey is a crime


This Is A Line Of Text

Terrible news, everyone. HE HAS INFILTRATED SPORTS

Ultimate Frisbee is televised. These are its announcers

He appears to have been assimilated.

This is awful.

So close.

Jim Cantore showing off the GUNS tonight

Peter’s keyboard in Office Space is a Macintosh ADB Extended Keyboard II. This is the same keyboard I am using right now

Zab Judah clad entirely in Brooklyn Nets camouflage.

Just trust me that for a local sports broadcast on a 1080i channel, this looks great

Denis Leary starring in MacGyver remake?

What atrocities WON’T this White Sox broadcaster commit against man


I love @jonahkeri and thus THIS MUST BE DONE

Not sure this look is doing an honor to anyone

.@RattoCSN face



This Red Sox fan bought a fake Eric Gagne jersey and is wearing it in public

Roger Sterling, everybody


This has to be the most attractive baseball analyst ever to appear on an ESPN network

Doing it wrong


Big Papi!

Great moments in Television History

Catch the ABA playoff fever, you guys

Big East baseball isn’t the most thrilling, ESPN, but I think this is a bit over the top

HUGE game for Mozgov

ESPN produces its own NCAA national championship broadcast for overseas, which is how we explain this:

Ultimate Warrior allegedly dead. Here’s how he looked last night on RAW:

Bringing a sign you are unlikely to use to a game as a fan of the away team is pretty marvelous

Ashley Wagnerface


Kentucky sadface

I think Romo farted

Can’t see at all why UConn is struggling

love u @GottliebShow

You’re doing it wrong, Yankeefan

Guy with hands on head secretly bet on Wisconsin

Jim Nantz sippin’ his purple drank

TNT broadcast is, uh, spicy