This was just on BBC News. I have no idea what it is, and they did not explain it.

Also these guys!

Classic example of the ACC archetype here

There’s a lot of bad ideas here

So this just happened.

Dynamo Kyiv supporters literally turn their backs on the team:

“No tolerance”??

The Cubs, futile as ever, allow seven goals to AC Milan:

1080i50 to 720p60 not working out so well for Fox right now

The scene at the Costa Concordia is strangely beautiful..

Enjoy the nightmares


It’s 8:30 on Sunday night, which means it’s time to check in on Al Michaels’ face:

Unpleasant discoveries

No CBS graphics in Oakland??

I neglected giving you your Buck-Aikman family portrait earlier:


Wait wait wait there’s something wrong here.

I just want to iterate and record for posterity that this happened.


What is wrong with this guy’s hand

Yeah, she didn’t sign up for this.

Form tackle.

Not sure what this is airing on FS1 at the moment, but it’s a Buck-Aikman family portrait:


These Tennessee fans are already having a bad day

That man is wearing a GoPro

This is why you don’t use fountain pens, CBS

So many disturbing things here

“Nobody wants McCarron’s autograph”

“OSU recruit me”

“Tebow Cried” now has extra verses!!!

“The moon & Manziel: both control the Tide”

Awesome, BHGP content making it to #GameDay

“Saban smells like mothballs.” That’s a new one!

Now HERE is how to do Forrest Gump GameDay smack

Another one I’m unsure how it made it past security

“ESPN sources: As real as Te’o’s girlfriend”

Whoa whoa whoa

Lotta Manziel-Webb photoshops out there too

Brokers lied, NCAA tried, Rovell cried, May Five (??) Johnny Replied, Roll the Tide

Custom ESPNU logo for Midnight Yell:

So much going on here.

Terry Bradshaw: never not scary.

Also, yes, Landon Donovan’s eye is messed up

That’s good parenting

Lotta.. ain’t right faces here.

ESPN’s Brock Bowling, as this opening shot of Texas State’s stadium is shown: “The fans are out in full force”

I had no idea Canada had barbecue, let alone a BBQ champion. Is Canada BBQ tomato, mustard, or vinegar-based?

Go ahead & use this Eli Manning face for, you know, anything

Time to check in on the status of Al Michaels’ face!

Tom Brady facepalm!


Tom Brady sits when he pees

Like clockwork

Greg Schiano is depressed.

Kiffykins resignationface

Kiffykins derpface

Ahh, I just saw the replay. The helmet hit had nothing to do with it. LEGS DO NOT BEND THAT WAY did:

Brian Kelly facepalm!

Canes vs Convicts, says UM fan whose teams took in massive amounts of money from Nevin Shapiro

Four quick turnovers for WKU. Their fans can’t watch:

UF fans only wear the classiest of T-shirts

Why, yes, there’s a Manziel-Miley Cyrus sign

Wow. A Lizzy Seeberg sign

How’s that FS1 morning show going, Erin?

“If God can’t help Tim Tebow then Tommy Rees is in trouble”

ESPN security missed this dirty one:

“Catfishing For Leprechauns: A 30 for 30 Film”

Oh goodness.

Oh man


Potato famine jokes? RAW


“Lennay dumped Te’o for Gardner”

List of things on this Missing sign: Everett Golson, Te’o’s girlfriend, a conference

“Rudy was offsides”

“Play like your girlfriend’s real today”

“Notre Dame was my safety school”… “Golson plagiarized my other sign”

Here is your Mark May screencap for, like, ever

Sage advice.

Here’s the scene where cops finally took down the guy, in front of the Waffle House on 301

Wasn’t even close to crossing the goal line

I don’t think this was necessary, NBC


Looking forward to that [Blank] at (?) game at Time on Date

Jesse Palmerface

Meanwhile on Sky Sports News…

He’s not even close to being out of bounds. How do you blow this!?

The good news is Miami just tied up Marshall at 14. The bad news is they have a fan in attendance wearing this shirt

Sadface Iowafan

Frank Beamer with the facepalm to end all facepalms


The American flag is not to be used for CLEANING YOUR GLASSES




Tajh for Heisman: At least his girlfriend is real

“SEC I sell Deer Antler Spray”

Twerk Hard Play Hard


“I set my DVR to record ‘The Biggest Loser’ but it keeps recording Clemson games”

“I bought this sign from Manziel”

That’s one brave Georgia fan.

“Deport Miley Cyrus”

Here’s your first #gameday sign shot of the season!!

No, really, they had to pry it open:

Here is your relevant K-State screencap for the night

Staring quarterback? I bet he throws a lot of interceptions

The Fox Sports 1 ticker reports non-sports news

David Carr is playing? That’s gotta be some kind of NCAA violation


I think this Ole Miss frat bro might be the next to vomit


CBS Sports Net fullscreen chyron way out of alignment. Video bleeding over top and left edges!

I think it will thrill you. It may shock you. It might even… horrify you.

Everything about this MWC broadcast is a #chyronfail

I see now why this game is delayed:

Oh yeah, this is very safe tackling practice