“Sure, nobody will notice me doing this very illegal thing”

Something we missed earlier: Jim Rome being awarded a trophy and lifting it over his head.

Syracuse fan is the syracusiest

On what planet is this considered sound football strategy

I’d say ‘Boston is a terrible sports town’ but I’m tired of explaining that joke to everyone

This is probably a #chyronfail

Jaxson DeVille sighting at the Fulham match:

None of U have a degree

Florida Smells Unusual

whitE girlS worshiP winstoN

Nevin Shapiro Wants A Refund

I’m more drunk than the Sunshine Scooter

“Lennay Kekua is a Canes fan” ??

Choke On A Doak

The Real Miami Is In Ohio (!!!)

All Golden Helmets > Al Golden Ties

So much to unpack here. Golden is a sweaty frat pledge, Tebow prays to Jameis? And a Miami Heat sign.

CrimiNoles vs Thugs



Your final Buck-McCarver family portrait, ever.

If you can’t beat ’em? TNT talent, on TNT’s set, talking about TNT’s game… on ESPN.

Allison Williams & Al Golden posing for their Christmas card, apparently


I may be in New York, but you’ll still get your Buck-McCarver family portrait:

Red Sox fans put “Molina” on their Stand Up 2 Cancer sign, think it’s funny

Al Michaels’ face is looking pretty good tonight guys!

Here’s tonight’s Buck-McCarver family portrait. Enjoy them while you can!

Here’s why Vollmer was screaming: that thing at the bottom is his foot, turned around nearly backward

Rob Ryan & Sean Payton costumes!!!

Whole lotta Idiots On The Field.

I see a lot of people claiming Joyce wasn’t looking at the obstruction. He’s looking DIRECTLY AT IT:

Your weekly Robert Kekaula screencap (none of the announcers looked at the camera once during this)

“John Fart”

Missouri fans in agony

Sad Missouri fans, part two

Sad Missouri fans


Your supply of Buck-McCarver family portraits is dwindling. Get one of the final remaining now!

Sad VPI fans.

Alabama sweatshirt + Oregon cap??

Minnesota beats Nebraska, rushes the field

Sad Huskers fans.

That’s some impressive hair

Also, has anyone ever heard of the “12% rule” ??

It is a gorgeous day in Florida, so of course nobody is in attendance at our football games:

Subtle @dpshow reference in the back with “Will Ferrell loves Shea”

“Our hobos are cooler” ? ?

“Saban needs a sippy cup” is your zenith of the day, I guess

“Ducks could make Reebok look good”

“Schiano Is Worse Than MRSA,” bag-head fan is quoting Deadspin!

Best Bucs fan ever, guys

Former Deadspin commenter Jon Hamm, everyone:

I hope they’re related

Underwood’s hair, like wine, gets better with age

Delay in the CFL game nearly 15 minutes now. Here’s the scary reason why:

Tonight’s Joe Buck-Tim McCarver family portrait:

John Lackey, you’ve… changed.

Buck, McCarver. Family portrait. Savor it while they last

What’s the Cincinnati “Inquirer”? Is that a competitor to the Enquirer?

Typographic dangers of the linguistic pin-pen merger, or maybe they’re just on Pintrest?

I see a word that doesn’t belong on TV

No one-shot tonight, so your Al Michaels Face is a family portrait:

When a ballcarrier is in this position, there exists no safe way for an oncoming defender to tackle him.

“I ain’t an athlete, ma’am. I’m a ballplayer.”

Because the Hanson brothers being at an ALCS game makes perfect sense:

Tonight’s Buck-McCarver family portrait feels.. old.

Tough to see here thanks to some crappy NBC PQ, but USC player flipping the bird to a Notre Dame fan:

Your horse collar evidence:


Oh ho ho ho ho.

Lighten up, Missouri fan, YOU’RE STILL WINNING.

I made fried catfish the other night. It was delicious. This screencap is relevant

Please, Fox, it’s way too early for this sort of thing.

Tennessee cop decides targeting ejection is a good time to get some video on his phone?!

Corso wore his Bad Idea Jeans to work today

Aw, Clemson actually made a funny sign!

Clemson knows its colors, guys.

I lied! There are two UVA fans at #gameday:

That solitary Virginia fan has an amazing sign

Also the always solid “Jameis Winston Likes The Dentist.”



And the other one. Sadface :-(

Oh, right. The UNC fans you asked for:

Cane Vader: Too normal for Miami.

Here’s Brookens still waving Cabrera around at this point in the play. We never see him put up a stop sign

So many amazing faces here, you guys. (My favorite is dude in Jozy Altidore jersey.)

Buck. McCarver. Family portrait.

Joe Buck & Tim McCarver, at their legendary best:

Random Buffalo Bills fan sighting

Buck-McCarver family portrait time:

Prince Fielder should consider trying to catch balls with his eyes open:

And your Buck-McCarver family portrait:

Tonight’s Al Michaels face:

Sean Payton is not impressed

More fun with Aikman & Brennaman.

Brennaman & Aikman, at their best.

Joseph Fauria seems pretty excited about his day



Bostonians, everyone.

Distressed aTm fan

It’s Boise State-USU, but two people have “Roll Tide” & “Geaux Tigers” signs

Your supply of Buck-McCarver family portraits is growing low. Enjoy while you can:

I see you talking, but I cannot hear what you are saying.



CMU-Ohio game hasn’t even kicked off yet & the broadcast has already featured Burrito Buggy:

Georgia fans.

Wipe your face, Mack

Oh, and The Double Bird.

Behold Dubman

Ted Bundy Was A Husky

welp, looks like I have a new all-time favorite #gameday screencap now

Aw, man, poor Kiffykins.

De’Anthony Has Diarrhea

B. Madoff thinks Oregon is shady

And, of course, web browser-related smack talk

Helfrich wets the bed