Really ought to do more Don Cherry-Ron MacLean family portraits

Your empty bottle is not a cigar

I think he’s gonna need something stronger than Aleve, Fox.

Has Minnesota been doing this all season? Because, lol

Some astronomical passing numbers here

Game Plan (and, presumably, ESPN3) feed of ‘Bama game is 4:3 video stretched to 16:9 then cropped back to 4:3.

Actual score box for an SEC football broadcast. Enjoy it now, you’ll never see this again

Good luck with that “noise” thing, Miami.

I spy a Shea in Irving reference

David Koresh was a BU fan

“This sign has more facts than Sports Illustrated”

Jameis Winston You Are The Father?

Also David Pollackface

Apparently Lisa Ann has a lot of holes?

Incongnito For Pledge Trainer

Guess ESPN didn’t notice the homophobia or hairy balls

Don’t let the Affleck-Batman sign distract you from the hashtag sign way in the back


Please seek medical help

“Lavey I Want Your Baby”

“Man Scale: Griner > Thayer Evans”

Stephen Curryface

That’s why they’re called VPI: VIRGINA Polytechnic Institute

can you blame him, I mean, i find Mesut Özil irresistible too

This is a Rutgers tailgate

9:25 in the morning and NBA League Pass thinks two NBA games aren’t finished yet:

BYU students taunt Melvin Ejim for fouling out, so he flips them off

Troll on, Cristiano.

Players, ref being assaulted by laser pointers in this Egypt-Ghana match. At least four of them in this shot alone


In fact I can’t get the BYUtv player to show me anything other than this guy, who apparently spoke at halftime?

Few screencaps rise to this level

Andy Reid just said something bonechilling

Al Michaels is jaunty tonight

Iowa State beats Michigan, storms the court

AP Physics sign my favorite in the NFL this year


I spy @willvrag getting a nice shot of some extracurriculars

Here is a Hamilton fan holding a “Our Mayor’s Better Than Your Mayor” sign right next to Rob Ford

How big a deal is the NFL in the UK? Sky News is carrying live coverage of the weather at Soldier Field:

Nah man the sky looks like that all the time, it’s normal


quite the shirt

Hahha, this South Carolina student

If by “swagger” you mean “dejection”

“Get it? Drive! Because you’re a golfer!” “I’d rather have a boulevard.”

Ed Cunningham & Mike Patrick looking sharp today.


Enraged Paul Rhoads being held back by his dad

I assure you, Kansas fan, you do not


Not so fast my friend… Wear A Trojan

Lane Kiffin Is My New Plumber

Florida Is A Bottom Tier SEC Team

Who Does Brent Have

Another one snuck past the censors:


“Corso Asks Jeeves”

Nose candy & Call girls Are not Admissable

Even Lennay Kekua got into Stanford

As expected, there are numerous anti-Jonathan Martin signs:

“Stanford Girls Don’t Swallow”

Cowherd: “Big Weirdo”

Ya done messed up A-A-Ron

I find this kind of horrifying

The C in C-USA stands for Cool

Did you guys hear there was a doge in the front row of the Knicks-Hawks game

I’m a ginger


I don’t think these guys were ready to come back from commercial.

BTW, Canada, here’s how CNN is lower-thirding Rob Ford:

Neymar with Miami Heat sunglasses.

The true face of the Buccaneers fan.


So much going on here

Time for another addition to our collection of Al Michaels faces.

Buck-Aikman family portrait time!

They let Matt Millen handle a rifle

This kid is wearing warpaint, a feather, and a Manchester United shirt with “ALABAMA” on the back

VERY SAD Utah fan


Get excited for that USC-Cal game guys

It’s at least a polite double-bird.

@GottliebShow my satellite receiver is frozen on this

omg Mike Gundy

Finebaum Eats Boogers



Multiple teabagging signs? You’re proud of this, Alabama? Proud of rubbing your junk on another dude’s face?

“GEAUX still isn’t a word” I can’t disagree with this

Okay, the Monica Lewinsky sign is funny.

Ah yes, and sexual assault jokes about the teabagging incident


That’s some interesting math, ESPN

Tommy Lee is at the Nebraska game

BRUTAL #chyronfail, ESPNU.

Oh, NBA League Pass. You never stop finding ways to be terrible

Custom Veteran’s Day logos for each Armed Forces branch:



Even for soccer this is an unfortunate haircut

Oregon fan has the sadz

No idea what’s going on here.

Quality T-shirt from Stanfordbro

Look at what they’ve done to my beautiful WSOP Main Event.

But they’ll give you 15% off a brand new Roku that *will* play NBA games! haha

Rob Ford’s wearing an NFL tie that is at least 15 years old:

Who could ever forget the famous coach Vince Lombari

There is a man with a live animal at the Knicks game and he is using it to celebrate

It’s that time again! How’s Al Michaels’ face doing?

Saddest Simpsons opening ever

Enraged Raiderfan

Our pals Joe Buck & Troy Aikman are looking excellent today

Eminem’s DJ is the guy from Duck Dynasty?


“Sure, nobody will notice me doing this very illegal thing”

Something we missed earlier: Jim Rome being awarded a trophy and lifting it over his head.

Syracuse fan is the syracusiest

On what planet is this considered sound football strategy

I’d say ‘Boston is a terrible sports town’ but I’m tired of explaining that joke to everyone