Wow, that FS1 score box is… something.

That AARP ad was filmed in Petco, but they digitally deleted the Western Metal Supply Co.:


It’s Sunday night! It’s football! It’s AL MICHAELS FACE

Medical personnel at Colombian soccer matches wear helmets?

Ol’ Johnny Football flippin’ the bird.


Here is a shot of @penlovespaper 17 years ago, covering the Sugar Bowl for the Independent Florida Alligator

That’s our @greghoward88 on Meet The Press

Most preseason broadcasters use the gfx pkg of their affiliate network. WFLA does not; its NFL graphics feature SWORDS

This man is holding an inner tube, for some reason

This baseball team has some of the best names I have ever seen

“Purge threat”

Your man @greghoward88 was on @ABCWorldNews tonight

SEC Network Bottom Line slightly more intrusive than the other ESPN Networks, barely

12 minutes in and Saban is already fed up

The dangers of using screen shots on live TV

CNN turns the Deadspin logo black

I guess before you can break the sound barrier, you have to build one.

Copa Libertadores final is, uh, messy

That’s a good lower third.

I’m on vacation, but the first AL MICHAELS FACE of the season waits for no man.

The Big Hurt.

what a loser

ESPN quoting @TheTomasRios

Can we please have this event in the Summer Olympics?

Here’s the Rays fan in St Louis who boxed out Cards fans so Loney could make the catch. Buy this guy a beer

This deserves to be shared with everyone.

Maybe, just maybe, consider playing matches held at stadiums without lighting.. earlier in the day?

Always a bit disconcerting to see Knoxie wearing a suit, inside a studio

This is what ESPN3 covering video games looks like


TV anchors often have laptops on the desk with them, but rarely do you see a mouse

Pretty great screencap here.

Like last year, Fox Deportes is using the generic international feed ASG graphics pkg:

All-Star Game family portrait.

Looking good, Tim Kurkjian.

Seriously, who does ESPN have working for them tonight?

ESPN having a rough night.

ESPN can predict the future

Two healthy looking guys, here.

I think your “Toronto American League Baseball Club” shirt might be counterfeit, buddy

We were promised a sexy Brazilian World Cup

Her eyes are up here, buddy.

Nice of Christopher Walken to lend a hand to the medical crew.

Simmons seriously looks like ESPN pulled a hobo off the street and sat him down in the studio

What we get now that Disney owns Star Wars: ESPN “interviewing” Darth Vader

Everybody’s posting @drewmagary derpfaces, so I’m gonna post one where he looks handsome.

this is an unholy union.



Joey Chestnut proposed to his girlfriend onstage before the Hot Dog Contest

Leave You Guns At Home

Greatest screencap ever accept no substitutes


This is what Don Cherry wears to a baseball game

Algerian TV doesn’t use the FIFA score box, either

Breaking every rule of proper mascot behavior

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We can all breathe a sigh of relief.